Running and Wellness Coaching

Run Coaching

What is your goal? Do you want a PR (Personal Record), or to simply become more fit through running? Be it run/walking your first mile to competing in an ultra-marathon, you will get the results you desire with Running with Life coaching!

Beginners, Boston Qualifiers, Master’s Runners, Couch to 5K – I’ll provide you with a single customized training program, to ongoing 1-on-1 coaching and guidance. You’ll perform your best for a single event, or through a customized year-to-year periodized training schedule created just for YOUR goals, wants and needs. My mission to individualize YOUR experience to maximize YOUR performance and life. Set your goals high and be the best YOU can be!

You will get:

  • Customized training blocks adjusted based on your training
  • Feedback from an experienced runner and coach
  • Unlimited questions and answers
  • Schedule adjustments
  • Comprehensive coaching literally at your fingertips
  • Information you need regarding a proper diet for runners on a general and performance level.

You’ll also have other available options customized to your needs from an experienced personal trainer and former Hatha Yoga instructor, such as:

  • Form drills
  • Stretching/flexibility plan
  • Active warm-up training
  • Core/abs focus
  • Supplemental strength exercises
  • Mental focus techniques

You CAN have the tools you need to break through plateaus to transform your training, your body and total running performance. You’ll have the motivation, encouragement and accountability to make your running dreams a reality. You’ll finally receive the support and answers you’ve always needed!

As a runner for over 30 years with multiple coaching certifications, a former world-record holder for multiple marathon running across all seven continents, I have run across icy glaciers, searing deserts, high mountaintops, as well as the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I can use this wide range of experience to provide solutions and guidance for you.

As your coach I can educate you as well as be a mentor who gives an experienced push when needed. You will find that a customized training program based on your personal fitness level, goals and unique life circumstances will be more effective than a cookie-cutter plan. It’s time to start getting the best out of your time, efforts and life!

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching can go hand-in-hand with Run Coaching or utilized as a completely separate service for implementing healthy lifestyle changes. It has been described as a process that “unlocks a person’s potential to maximize their own performance”. At it’s simplest, wellness coaches help people improve their health and well-being, in an extremely personalized way. Usually people come to a wellness coach because they are struggling with something that is hurting their well-being: stress, weight loss, life balance or energy.

Often, people have tried lots of quick fixes and find they don’t stick. Wellness coaches are skilled at getting people to a place where it sticks where their new lifestyles become embedded into who they are. Engaging with a health coach provides the support and accountability needed to reach goals, reduce disease risk, and improve health behaviors.

As a true Wellness Coach, my services are geared toward helping clients achieve health and wellness goals through developing individualized paths based on the evidence-based, proven principles of Wellcoaches, considered the gold-standard, using the American College of Sports Medicine approved methods of Wellness Coaching.

A few of the many areas you might choose to work with me as your Wellness Coach are:

  • Weight Change
  • Improving Nutrition
  • Managing Stress
  • Implementing Exercise Programs
  • Meeting Performance Goals
  • Expanding Positive Thinking and Self-Motivation
  • Bettering Sleep Habits
  • Increasing Sense of Purpose and Self-Esteem

I take a whole-person centered approach, and will work with you, motivate you and provide the guidance you need to succeed and achieve your wellness goals. You will gain the holistic, healthy lifestyle you deserve!