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Are you serious about taking your running to the next level? Upgrading your lifestyle? Get there with private, customized coaching exacted to your needs. One-on-one coaching is available online, worldwide.

Private Run Coaching

Customized premium run coaching - at your fingertips!

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Develop comprehensive strategies personalized to hit your goals.

1-on-1 Sessions

Meeting 1-on-1 with your coach can help you quickly develop special skills.

Private Run Coaching

Do you want to shatter your PR, qualify for Boston, win your next race or compete in an ultra-marathon? Get the results you want with personalized, expert coaching. We specialize in helping committed distance runners reach performance goals.

You can get a single customized training plan, or go the distance with ongoing 1-on-1 coaching and guidance. Perform your best for a single event, or through a customized year-to-year periodized training schedule created just for your goals, wants and needs. Individualize your experience to maximize your performance and life. Set your goals to be the best you can be!

You get:

Total focus on your needs and results

Customized training blocks adjusted to your needs

Feedback from an experienced, certified distance running coach

All your questions answered

Individualized schedule adjustments

Comprehensive coaching exactly when you need it

Information on your best fueling to perform

Options customized to your needs incorporating personal training and yoga

Form drills

Stretching/flexibility plans

Active warm-up training

Focused core routines

Supplemental strength exercises

Mental focus techniques

Get the tools you need to break through plateaus, avoid injury and transform your training, body and total running performance. Obtain the motivation, encouragement and accountability to make your running dreams a reality. Receive the support and answers you’ve always wanted!

You get solutions and guidance provided to you from 30+ years of results, multiple coaching certifications, and experience. Do you want to run faster than you ever have, cross icy glaciers, searing deserts, high mountaintops, qualify for the Western States 100-mile race or cross the finish line of Boston? Work with a coach who has been there and more to reach your most challenging goals.

You get a mentor to give an experienced push, or signal to pull back, when needed. A customized training program based on your personal fitness level, goals and unique life circumstances is more effective than a cookie-cutter plan. Maximize your time, efforts and life!

What Clients Say

Participating in this program DOES require commitment, but I have realized that goals are more successful when I make them a priority. I like that although I am being coached, the decisions are mine and personal. I like that my coach encourages me to be the best me."

-Heidi T.

"The targeted help of the private coaching has led to a lot of insight to my strengths and motivations that I didn't have before, and this knowledge will be invaluable going forward.”

-Rachael N.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

You can get Holistic Lifestyle Coaching on it’s own, hand-in-hand with Private Run Coaching or alongside a Training Group for implementing lifestyle changes. Through a focused, comprehensive 12-week program, Lifestyle Coaching unlocks your potential to maximize your own performance. At it’s simplest, lifestyle coaching helps you make improvements in an extremely personalized way. If you are struggling with something that is hurting your performance and life such as stress, achieving an optimal weight / body composition, life balance or energy, this program is for you!

You may have tried a lot of fixes and found that they don’t stick or stop working. Lifestyle coaching works to get you to a place where your positive changes stay – your newly optimized lifestyle becomes embedded into who you are. Engaging with a coach provides you the support and accountability needed to reach goals and improve your wellness behaviors holistically for the long run.

A true lifestyle coach’s services are geared toward helping you achieve your goals through developing an individualized path based on evidence-based, proven principles, versus making commissions selling you products you don’t need. The techniques are derived from Wellcoaches, a gold-standard pioneer of professional coaching, using the American College of Sports Medicine’s approved methodologies for lifestyle change.

A few of the many areas you might choose to implement changes might be:

Weight Change

Improving Nutrition

Managing Stress

Staying Consistent

Meeting Performance Goals

Expanding Positive Thinking and Self-Motivation

Better Sleep Habits

Mind-Body Healing

Attaining Balance / Organization

Increasing Sense of Purpose and Self-Esteem

Living Your Life to The Fullest

A whole-person centered approach works with you to get the motivation, guidance and accountability you need to succeed and achieve your prime goals. You will gain the holistic, healthy lifestyle you deserve!

Choose Your Coaching

Pick the programs that best fits your needs. Contact me with any questions or to schedule an interview to see how private, customized coaching works for you. 

Premium Run Coaching


/month, starting

Fully Customized Training Plan

Direct Coach Contact

Plan/Goals Updated Regularly

Personal Support For Your Goals

Premium-Level Training Peaks Account

1:1 In-Person Coaching



Form/Video Analysis

Pacing Methods

Anxiety/Build Confidence

Strength and Conditioning

Accountability to Your Workouts


/session, starting 

Nutrition / Weight Change

Lifestyle Change/Life Balance

Fitting in Training

Stress/Sleep/Recovery Methods

Sports Psychology

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