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Lose Weight with Running and a Private Weight Loss Coach!

Do you want to lose weight running? I'll teach you how to lose weight by running better! I help women overcome diet struggles, lose 25+ lbs, and train for a race in one year so they can feel amazing!

Leave behind diets that leave you starving and giving up each weekend, a lack of accountability and guidance, and failing to lose weight for the long run.

Are you tired of "Weight Watching"? Stop weight loss woes and lose weight with a running and a private weight loss coach

Are you wondering how to run to lose weight? 

I started this running with weight loss coaching program to help others just like you after I went through the same problems you and many of my former clients face to get leaner and become the runner I envisioned.

Starting again and feeling motivated. Then getting too hungry. Giving up again. Losing and gaining the same weight.  

Finally, I started running and successfully lost over 60lbs and eventually qualified for the monumental Boston Marathon. 

So I developed the Running with Weight Loss Coaching Program based on what works so you can lose weight running and don’t have to go through what I did to get there. 

In this unique running with weight loss coaching program, you’ll find out how to run to lose weight holistically. 

You can even go from “couch to half marathon” or “couch to marathon” to be the runner you envision.

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step process has proven to help goal-driven women lose unwanted weight and even run a 5K- to life-changing marathon or ultramarathon – even when they previously couldn’t run well.

How would reaching both running and weight loss goals feel? 

The added support, guidance, and accountability help you run and lose weight for life and have more energy and endurance as you run across your goal finish line feeling amazing.

Weight loss by running better can work for you, and I can show you how! So schedule your free consultation, and let’s chat about how to reach your goals.

-Coach Amie 

Why choose this Running with Weight Loss Coaching Program?

Increase your accountability

Regular meetings with a professional coach help you determine your plan and stay on track.

Make real progress

This program helps you make the necessary changes so you make more consistent progress toward your goals instead of stopping and starting.

Become who YOU want to be

Holistic Coaching emphasizes the key elements that help you lose weight, run well, feel good, and have more energy.

Improved mindset and confidence

With professional feedback and measurable progress, you can regain your confidence.

A life-changing experience

This unique program helps you lose weight and reach a running goal, which is life-changing!

I'm Coach Amie, and I created this program after I started this running plan to lose weight, lost 60+ pounds, and qualified for the Boston Marathon - now I can help you do it too!

Marathon and Private Weight Loss Coach Amie Before/After Running 60 lbs weight loss. You can run and lose weight with a private weight loss coach and a running plan to lose weight.
Marathon and Private Weight Loss Coach Amie Before/After Running 60 lbs weight loss. You can run and lose weight with a private weight loss coach and a running plan to lose weight.

Hi, I’m Coach Amie, and YES, this is my before/after pic.

Years ago, my weight spiraled out of control due to medical issues with medications that shut down my metabolism, overworking myself, and putting everyone else’s needs before mine

If you have repeatedly dieted without lasting (or any) results, I get that frustration because that’s the road I went down.

My medications had harmful cardiac side effects that also caused me to stop running.

Severely fatigued and depressed, I was in the worst shape of my life.

I am not sure how much I gained in total – I stopped weighing myself because it depressed me more. 

The “Before” picture wasn’t even at my heaviest as I would run away from the camera. 

I felt frustrated that the real me was hidden. So

If you avoid mirrors… 
have a lot of clothes that no longer fit in your closet…
think how you look and feel doesn’t represent the real you
fear or experience judgment by others
know you are running below your potential

…Yep, that was me too.  

To top it off, I had experienced trauma and realized I had also been using the weight to hide from the world.

It was then I decided that I had enough—the pain of going on as I was outweighed anything else. 

You have to choose to do this running and weight loss plan for YOU.


I said NO MORE and got off all the meds. 

But then… I had to start over from zero with running, lose weight, and rebuild my health from almost no measured metabolism due to the medications. 

Beyond just a diet – I discovered how to lose weight holistically as a life change.

Simply going on a diet or just trying to “run more” fails because losing weight involves many factors. 

It felt so great to release the real me that it inspired me to help others just like you to do it too.

I also got a healthier lifestyle (stress/overwork is my big ‘thing’), my self-confidence returned, and my mental/physical strength, run training ability, and race times all improved.

The “After” photo was taken at age 43, before running another ultramarathon.

If I can do it - I can guide you in this same program to lose weight running and be healthier.

When you holistically run and lose weight, get healthier, and run well, you gain LIFE!

I also noticed that I must have a gift for this because even before I was professionally trained and developed this Program, I helped two former roommates lose 60+ and 100 pounds each. 

One is now a distance runner, and the other has become a fitness instructor. 

Because… you become more like those you choose to associate with! 

Are you ready? 

The Running with Weight Loss Coaching Program Might Be For You If:

  • Your weight loss is not working out, or previous methods have been unmaintainable. 
  • You struggle with nutrition, running, or mindset and find it hard to stay accountable and on track.
  • You’re confused about how to lose weight by running healthfully
  • You lack energy, have been cautioned about health risks, or feel far from being a healthy role model for your family or others. 
  • You don’t feel like a runner or are not reaching your goals.  
  • You’ve lost confidence in yourself.

Do any of these sound familiar? 

Before/after photo - how to run to lose weight with private weight loss coaching.

Instead, Picture This...

  • You’re feeling good losing weight in a long-term way that works for your life.
  • You have the support and accountability you need to succeed.
  • You are running better than ever, feeling energetic and accomplished. 
  • You’re discovering personalized strategies so you can maintain your goal weight healthfully.
  • You feel like the runner you want to be, striving for goals you previously thought were impossible.
  • You’re confidently wearing the clothes you want.
  • Friends notice your changes because you have a system working with you. 
  • You are holistically enhancing your running, health, and life, so you feel great daily. 
Would you want results like this?

What clients have said...

Steph tried this weight loss coaching program after years of failed attempts and finally lost weight and is setting PRs!

Despite being 39, Steph is back to what she weighed in her 20s. While losing weight, she also attained more self-confidence and is setting new running records.

Before starting the weight loss coaching program, she went to a run club and felt self-conscious that she was the slowest.

People had to stop and wait for her, so she didn’t return.

After this running with weight loss coaching program, she passes those same runners in races, breaks PRs, and will soon run her own Boston Qualifier.

She says:

"I had been in an overweight category for over a decade. My biggest fear was that I was going to sabotage my health and marathon PR goals if I continued to remain overweight. I was approximately 40 pounds overweight when I finished my first marathon. While my highest mileage was around 55 miles, I could not lose weight through the training process... As a result, I hired Amie to provide that accountability and wellness vision to help me move the scale in the off-season. We are three to four months away from my next marathon training season and I am down 20 pounds and I am already generating PRs over smaller distances. Amazing progress for me... Amie developed a routine that really helped shred the fat from my body. My favorite part is accountability. It is sometimes nice to have someone that helps you stay on track. Beginnings and plans are exciting, but it's the middle and the continuous grinding that can become tedious. The accountability factor makes you think twice about not cranking out the work that it will take to achieve your goals. Someone is not ONLY watching but cheering for you. If you have consistently failed at achieving your goals, I would recommend a personalized plan with individual attention to you. Amie understands we are all different and will coach you towards what is going to work for you, not the generic plans we have all tried. "
Steph A., Marathon Runner
Stephanie A

Sharee lost weight with The Running and Weight Loss Coaching Program after a painful divorce and is on her way to her goal marathon!

Sharee had lost over 100 lbs in the past but had gone through profound life changes and setbacks, leading to re-gain. 

It affected her entire life; plus, her former weight loss methods no longer seemed to work for her, and she was demotivated.

We didn’t use the scale because she felt she got obsessed with it and was tired of “weight watching,” so instead, her initial goal (that she reached) was to fit into a favorite pair of jeans and wear them out proudly. 

She feels motivated by her ideal vision to reach her ideal weight, ran her first 10K in years, and is continuing her training to run her first marathon!

She says:

"My biggest fear was my own fear of failing or not being perfect with all my goals. Amie helped me to overcome my own mindset of needing things to be perfect. She helped me challenge my own thinking and see the bigger picture and how perfect is not synonymous with progress. Things do not always have to be perfect in order to make progress toward your goals. Amie helped me to see the bigger picture of my goals and ideal image, and to push through when I did not feel that I was doing enough and wanting to give up. My favorite part was all the internal and mind-shift work. I went into this process expecting it to be very food and running focused. While my own personal goals focused on these areas, Amie focused on helping me shift my mindset and to overcome my own internal dialog. Amie was so supportive and helped me see the bigger picture. Yes I want to lose weight. Yes I want to reach my running goals. But it was more than that, Amie helped me see more areas for my health and wellness. I am excited to continue my goals with her. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective from an expert to help us overcome barriers we may not be aware are present. I thought the reason I was only able to stay on track with my food/workout goals for a few days, was because I lacked discipline. I had no idea that I was overtraining and not planning ahead enough with my meals. I could stay on track during the week but when the weekend came I had no control and then would feel helpless come Monday. This was a cycle I continued for months. Amie is worth every cent. If you are struggling to build better habits, reach your goals, and overcome personal barriers, I can not recommend her enough. I fit into clothes I have not been able to wear for years. I am excited to continue my progress with her. ​
Sharee. S. has had success with Running and Private Weight loss Coaching.
Sharee S.

Kelli decided it was her time, lost unwanted weight with this coaching program, and is training for a half marathon!

Years ago, Kelli lost over 40 lbs but felt the methods were not sustainable and had gained the weight back. 

She felt the experience was frustrating but was ready to commit and move on.

She has gained confidence not only from her successes but also in the process.

She is training to run her first half marathon despite thinking she would never be able to run farther than three miles.

She says:

"I was mostly concerned that I would not be able to do running. I dreaded my first calibration run. Even though it wasn't perfect, I did it and I found this to be a theme in working with Amie - there were many things I thought I couldn't do, but when I actually tried and made the decision not to give up, I found I was able to do so much more than I realized. In addition, Amie helped me realize that it wasn't "all or nothing" - even if I did some of the runs, workouts, goals - I was making progress - it wasn't about doing everything 100% right all the time. To be honest, if there hadn't been some of these challenges and I had done everything 100% I wouldn't have learned and really grown in the process and most likely, if something stood in my way in the future, I would be more inclined to just give up rather than feeling like I could persevere. My favorite part of the coaching is that it was completely unique to me. Oftentimes, when you are doing a "program" there are a certain set of parameters that everyone follows. Those parameters don't always work for everyone, for a variety of reasons. This very individualized approach focused on my unique strengths (and weaknesses) and allowed me to find what worked best for me, which then made the follow-through much easier. I have continued many of the weekly goals I established during the program and find myself continuing in the process by setting small, manageable weekly goals to continue the work we started. Amie is amazing to work with! She meets you where you are (for me that was as a beginner) and even though she is a very accomplished runner, she makes you feel good about where you are at in the process. Amie provides the right balance between pushing you to be your best self but also understanding your limitations and keeping you grounded." ​
Kelli K. has had success with Running and Private Weight loss Coaching.
Kelli K.

Maurina used this coaching to bounce back from a devastating experience to lose 50 lbs and rebuild her running, health, and life.  

Maurina got her and her child away from an abusive partner and a divorce, but she had to start her life over entirely. She felt that her weight loss and running were empowering. She says:

"Amie is the best coach anyone could ask for. Amie helped me go from a "why would I EVER run if I wasn't being chased?!?!" to a half-marathoner (multiple times!!). I lost over 50 lbs. and became a healthier person because of the knowledge and support she gives. Amie supports, teaches, and encourages everyone - no judgment on your size, how much fat you carry, how slow you are, etc. She is excellent at meeting you where you are at, and helping you get to where you want to be. Worth every dollar. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Maurina P. testimonial with Running and Private Weight loss Coaching.
Maurina P.

Andrea used the Running with Weight Loss Coaching Program after a knee injury, and she lost 35 lbs!

Andrea used to live an athletic lifestyle with daily workouts until a knee injury derailed her. 

She not only gained weight but felt it brought down her mental health. 

She says:

"Before I started I was scared that Amie would encourage me to do workouts I don't have time for. But she did not put pressure on me to work out every day. She listened to me instead of just giving generic advice... She's a good listener to tailor your program to your tastes and needs. I've lost 35 lbs so far! My knee pain has also improved and I feel so much better. Thank you, I really needed this!"
Andrea J Testimonial for Running and Private weight loss coaching.
Andrea J.

You finish the Running with Weight Loss Coaching Program getting much more than just a number on a scale

You can also achieve a holistic, balanced, healthy lifestyle that has also included benefits such as:

  • WEIGHT LOSS!! So you can meet your goal!
  • Accountability, so you can stick to your plan and make the necessary changes.
  • Improved Nutrition, so your overall health and running improve.
  • Managing Stress so you feel more relaxed.
  • Staying Consistent with Running so you can improve your fitness.
  • Meeting Performance Goals that you may feel have been blocked.
  • Greater Self-Confidence, whether for a race, going out with friends, a date, a presentation, or a job interview: watch your self-confidence grow in running and life. 
  • Expanding Positive Thinking and Self-Motivation to perform better in running and life.
  • Better Sleep Habits can give you a better ability to lose weight and run better.
  • Mind-Body Awareness, so you can understand what may be standing in your way.
  • Attaining Balance / Organization so you can stop the stress in your everyday life.
  • Increased Energy so that you can keep up your running and newly enhanced lifestyle.
  • Mental Strength, losing weight is not just a physical transformation outside – it also adds to your inner mental strength. Stand tall and imagine the new you.
  • Increasing Sense of Purpose and Self-Esteem so you can re-awaken your life!
  • Mindfulness so you can be fully present in your life. 
  • Living Your Life to The Fullest, especially if this has been a long-term goal, you can stop feeling like you are missing out and release the real you!

You get a whole-person-centered approach that listens to you and works with you to get the motivation, guidance, and accountability you need to succeed and achieve your personal goals. 

You will not find unrealistic promises in this Program, but you will get strategies that work to achieve your goals long-term.

You can gain the holistic, healthy body and lifestyle that gets you your best running and life.

Everyone who has gone through the Program with me has lost weight! (I will rewrite this if it ever changes, but I don’t think it will 😉 )

Don’t wait!

People say they wish they would have started this long ago, but there is a saying that goes… “The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago… the next best time is NOW!”

Only you can decide where you will be from here! 

Schedule a free consultation below to take the first step.

Private, Online, Holistic Running and Coaching, with 12 weeks to 1-year Guidance

Join those who have transformed themselves into strong, lean, and fit runners. 

With this program, women have lost unwanted weight, even after failed attempts, and are running better than ever.

This isn’t about a one-size-fits-all diet but focuses on improving your weight loss alongside your whole health and wellness and becoming the runner you want to be. 

You’ll set clear, actionable plans and know exactly how you will achieve them. 

I’ll help you get strategies to lose weight for good and reach the biggest running goals you envision in a customized program of 12 weeks to 1 year.

Phase 1 is a 12-week jump-start in which you’ll build the actionable strategies to help you avoid your biggest struggles and lose weight holistically while improving your performance in running 30-45 minutes or a 5K or 10K race.

Phases 2, 3, and 4 optionally build up to 1-year support, accountability, and guidance to help you with more significant weight-loss goals or to maintain your loss and get conditioned and trained for a half-, full-, or ultra-marathon.

You’ll get 1:1 meetings with a professional coach trained in holistic weight loss and running, so you can stay on track toward your goal. 

Decide that it’s time to move forward and get results – schedule your consultation today.

Avoid inexperienced or unprofessional coaches

Coaching is an unregulated business, so anyone can call themselves a coach and make commissions selling you products, supplements, or extreme diets that you don’t need or may be unsafe for you as a runner – or even your life. 

Or through pushing one-size-fits-all exercise programs that don’t work for you, diet methods that don’t work for runners, or a woman’s metabolic needs. 

Instead, in The Running with Weight Loss Coaching Program, you’ll get the support, guidance, and accountability you need so you can reach your goals and improve holistically for the long run.

You get a program geared toward achieving your goals through evidence-based, proven principles. 

You get a comprehensive total package by working with a professional who knows all about run training paired with weight loss. 

Therefore, you are not asked to buy supplements or use diets or workout programs that may not be right for you or your running. 

The techniques are derived from the gold standard of professional coaching with a weight-loss focus and extensive running knowledge to get optimal results.

The Running with Weight Loss Coaching Program - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here’s precisely what you can expect when you set up a call:

After you sign up using the form below, you’ll get a reply to schedule a call within two business days. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive a response. 

  • Your call will last around 15-20 minutes. Sometimes it’s longer if we need to talk more in-depth about your situation. 
  • I’ll first get an overview of your story: your background, what you want to do, and what’s happening. 
  • I’ve trained in a Holistic approach, so you may get questions that you haven’t thought to ask yourself or haven’t heard from other coaches – so you can get new ideas about your situation.
  • You’ll get increased clarity on your exact goals, motivations, and struggles.
  • Then, you get the best strategies to move forward with your goals.
  • You’ll get professional feedback about your goal and the path I’d use if I were your coach so that you can get results

I’ll also send an outline of your consultation, so you’ll have it summarized by a professional coach, which will be valuable to you so you can easily see what is happening.  

So whether we work together or not, you’ll walk away from this session with an improved mindset and more knowledge, so you can move forward with more confidence in resolving your struggles. 

The Marathon Weight Loss Program is different because it’s not just about a number on the scale or some crash diet that makes you feel bad. 

Instead, we look at your life holistically and where you are in your running journey so you can burn fat, be healthier and reach your goals. 

Therefore, you may also improve other problems that contribute to weight loss and running woes, such as stress/mental strain, nutrition issues, or sleep problems. 

So more than just weight loss – YOU get healthier, and your running improves as well. 

The Method is easy to understand, and for your transformation, you get all of this:

Step 1: Schedule your free consultation so you can feel motivated, get clarification on your goals, and discover how you can make progress.

During your initial 20-minute session, you can learn about your best options and get all of your questions answered so you can feel confident knowing precisely what to do.

Step 2. Once you start the program, you’ll get an extensive baseline evaluation so you can feel empowered to take action on your goals. 

This is all about YOU – examining the big picture of your life – right now. 

Through this, you’ll discover things like: What is YOUR personal “why” that can help drive your weight loss goal to success? What could stop you from reaching your goals? 

Your evaluation is available securely and privately online at your convenience. 

Step 3: You’ll then get an in-depth, 60-90 minute focused session in which we’ll discuss your baseline evaluation, and you’ll get your personalized plan, so you can see your path forward and feel excited to head toward your success. 

I’ll guide you in visualizing YOU at your BEST into a written, motivating description. 

Plus, you’ll get clear, realistic milestones with an actionable plan so you can move forward toward it. 

Let’s eliminate “can’t” and focus on “can”!

Step 4. I’ll work with you week-by-week to set goals and fundamental, concrete strategies so you can feel confident, see your progress and discover what works for YOU. 

You’ll get your blueprint for success – and be held accountable for following your personalized plan so you can feel motivated to develop the habits that will get you to your goals. 

Your 1:1 sessions are by your choice of a phone call or videoconference so that you can save more time. 

I’ll check in on your progress so you’ll always have accountability and your questions answered. 

I’ll help you set new milestones as you reach your goals and further customize your personalized strategy to get lean, be at your healthiest, and feel and run your best.

By the end of the program, you can lose excess weight and enhance your self-confidence and ability to reach your ultimate goals – which can include running a 5K, 10K, or a half-, full-, or ultra-marathon.

Instead of trying random things that don’t stick, you will also have a detailed, written, and practiced weight loss strategy that works for you and your life. 

You will have a new holistically healthy lifestyle that supports your goals and running achievements, so in addition to weight loss, you can go from demotivated to feeling energized.  

Schedule today and move forward to your goals!

I customize the Program to your needs so you can meet your individual goals.

Rather than a short-term fix, the Marathon Lean Program helps you lose and sustain weight loss for the long run so that you can reach your overall goals in running – and life. 

Phase 1 is a 12-week jump-start in which you’ll build the actionable strategies to help you avoid your biggest struggles and lose weight holistically while training for or improving your time in running 30-45 minutes or a 5K or 10K race. 

While participants lose weight in the first 12 weeks, it’s often said that weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. 

The subsequent phases gradually help you lose more weight if needed, train for your goal, AND continue solidifying your new lifestyle, so it sticks. 

Phases 2, 3, and 4 optionally build up to 1-year support, accountability, and guidance to help you with more significant weight-loss goals or to maintain your loss and get conditioned and trained for a half-, full-, or ultra-marathon.

In your free consultation, you’ll get goal clarification and learn the best options for reaching it based on your needs.

This program will discover the strategies that work for you, personally, to lose weight. 

Once you unlock your personalized code of what works for you, you can continue to lose any amount of weight that gets you to your ideal weight, size, or personal target. 

By the end of the program, you will have your strategy mapped out, which saves you money as you are not paying for a program or special foods you are reliant on for the rest of your life. 

Although no weight loss program can guarantee results, the Marathon Lean Program works for those who work The Program… During the initial 12-week program phase, clients have lost that stubborn last 5-10 lbs up to 40 lbs and have continued to lose weight with their customized strategies throughout the program and beyond.

Clients entering the program usually have 30-40+ pounds to lose and are ready to commit to becoming the person they want to be. 

This program is specifically designed for those who like to run and works best for returning or novice runners.

Current runners have successfully used the program – if done outside of formal marathon training – not in the middle of heavy race training. 

For a number of reasons, it’s not advisable to be in the middle of marathon training and then try to start to lose weight at the same time.

Many newer or returning runners find this program helps them lose weight, stick to their running programs, and find motivational strategies to make their running and nutritional habits last.

Existing long-distance runners have found this program has worked to get weight loss when nothing else has. 

In addition to weight loss and improved running – it benefits your health! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want better health? 

In reality, you are getting two programs in one because your race training and weight loss are two different parts of the program.

So you don’t need to do anything extreme to lose weight – that wouldn’t be sustainable, and it would not be a lifelong method if that were the case. 

We work on strategies to maintain your weight loss during race training.

The goal is to see running as a healthy exercise that brings you joy for life at whatever level you continue to run.

Yes, but we are all individuals, so your progress will depend on how much weight you want to lose, how you respond to training, and how much you put into it. 

This is a holistic program, which means it is more than just running or going on a diet. 

The best runners can put forth the effort to get enough sleep, keep stress at reasonable levels, and have the desire to live a healthier life. 

This isn’t to say you must be perfect at it or do it all from day 1.

One thing is for sure – you know you won’t be there if you don’t decide to move forward

Weight Loss and a race takes a serious commitment – but if you are seriously motivated to make your goal – I’m here to help you do it! 

You can run an actual in-person race or a virtual one or complete the distance on your own. 

In my training plans, the workouts are done with what you have – you don’t need to go to a gym.

We do not sell or push supplements, shakes, pills, or fad diets. 

We’ve all seen others call themselves coaches because they sell supplements.

And, I’d be suspicious of anyone who tried those methods. 

Just because those supplements or that extreme diet plan may (or may not!) have worked for them does not mean it will work for you and may even be dangerous. 

Some supplements also do not work well for running because many have dangerous cardiovascular side effects that do not work well with exercise.

If a supplement or diet plan worked for everybody, everyone would have bought it by now.

Instead, The Marathon Lean System for weight loss is a program where you get to work with a Nationally Certified, experienced professional coach to discover the blueprint of what works for YOU, your running, and your lifestyle. 

A saying coined by endurance athlete and women’s health researcher Dr. Stacey Sims says, “Women are not small men.” 

Women can have very different needs and weight loss strategies than a man. Our hormone systems, metabolisms, and response to exercise are not the same.

This is why fad diets can also be more dangerous for women. Many of the studies on weight loss and endurance – have been done on men in their 20s! 

So if a man tries to fit you into a program that worked for him or generically brings up studies that say a specific diet or way of working out should work for you – I’d take that with a grain of salt. 

We’ve all seen the guys who cut creamer from their coffee or similar and lost weight and didn’t get why it didn’t work for us.

Or maybe you’ve felt the pull of emotional eating, or have gotten to certain times of the month (or your life) where going running feels like you’ve hit a brick wall, and they can’t understand… and let’s be honest, who wants to explain things like that to a male coach anyway.

I specialize in helping women lose weight and excel at running not only because I have been there – but because, through experience, I know that you need that type of specialization to get actual results.

I encourage you to try it on your own if you haven’t – you may succeed! 

However, I’m guessing that you may have already tried it yourself, or you wouldn’t be here right now.

Many also think they know what they need to do. But if that worked for you, let’s be honest, it would be working right now. 

Things won’t change until you make your life and your health a priority and take the first step to change them.

Set up your free consultation today, and let’s move forward.  

Although this program is based on research and is backed by success, weight loss can be viewed as a marathon, not a sprint.

So weight loss and running goals can be similarly challenging, but that’s why you’ll have help along the way. 

Sometimes you may backtrack, but it’s not about being perfect, and you won’t be expected to be. 

It’s about what gets you results in the long-term and works with your life so you avoid the crash diet mentality or having to continually start over with running, so you can instead get strategies that stick.

Step 1, realize that nothing changes until you prioritize yourself and take action. 

And what’s more important than your health and wellbeing? 

In reality, there is no perfect time to do anything.

There will always be something else going on; the difference is when you make a stand and decide that It’s time to be proactive. 

And, taking care of yourself forms the foundation for anything else in your life. 

Because how can you be a role model or give your best to others if you are not at your best?

Not making a choice is still a choice, and due to the unique nature of this program, space is limited. 

Only you – and not anyone else – can and must decide that you are the priority and it’s time to invest in yourself.

Alongside private weight-loss coaching, you have the option of having:

  • A personalized training plan
  • Activity monitoring
  • An online/app-based workout calendar

You can also get remote sessions with a Registered Sports Dietitian for specific meal planning or medical nutrition guidance.

If you are not yet sure that you like running enough to commit to at least a 5K goal, message me below for a free 4-week start or return to running PDF and plan you can try.

Stop missing out!

Take the first step to reach your goals -
Fill out the form below and schedule your free consultation now.

You’ll get a reply within 48 hours – please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive it.

Reaching your goal can be life-changing. The Running with Weight Loss Coaching Program can help, so find out more by scheduling your consultation now.