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How to Run Your Best Marathon

I'll help you avoid injuries and train the right way to reach your unmet potential.

Do you want to reach your marathon performance goals?  Ok – let me show you how. 

I know it is one of the most challenging things you can do. And so, I have to admit, I hold a special place in my heart (and often on my client roster) when I hear you want to run your best 26.2. 

Why? Because I used to be where you are now. 

I went through my share of mistakes and injuries, but it led to an amazing amount of research and study. I wanted to learn how to transform from the average runner into a top performer. 

It took me literally years to learn how to achieve success. 

That’s how I also know that a coach who solely looks at your running is superficially treating the problem. It’s is why I take a different approach and trained to coach holistically, because it takes the whole you to reach your biggest goals – body, mind and soul. 

So instead of you sputtering along repeatedly, I’d rather have you take the shorter route and professionally guide you to your goal. 

So here’s your first tip: to reach your goal, YOU have to BELIEVE you can, at least enough to take the first step and reach out. Because you can’t get help reaching your goal until you do that.

But don't take my word for it, see what Angie says. Angie came to me after two separate stress fractures in her hips and so many lower leg injuries that her doctors told her she "wasn't meant to be a runner"...

I’m trying to understand, how I’m able to run and feel so well, after years of just the opposite… because I’m used to working soooo hard all the time. Now, I’m almost never sore, have energy throughout the day, and am really beginning to enjoy running (like I did when I first started)….

The way I used to approach running and stamina… which as you’ve already said, causes short term gains, but eventually causes you to fall off the cliff and for performance to begin a downward spiral. I think that’s what’s been happening with me every year, with rock bottom being an injury that forces me to stop running altogether.

This idea of not “surviving the distance,” but instead striving to be better at the distance is what I feel like I’m doing now, and is very new… I always used to approach my long runs as me just trying to survive. There’s so much I haven’t known, haven’t done right for years, the only thing that was driving me before was passion but without the proper understanding/knowledge to support it.

As I move into marathon training and have been, in incremental ways, trying to simplify my life so that it is conducive to becoming a better runner, I’m finding that I’ve been taking stock of things…. how I began and where I am now. I’ve been thinking, long term… how I see myself as a runner and how that impacts my lifestyle today and beyond.

It’s almost like I’m having a “moment” in regards to my running, because I’m not just surviving all the time, but thriving, in a way that I haven’t been for years. For years I was just focused on making it through a season, injury free. Almost like my perspective was downward (so to speak) like I was just focused on not getting injured and surviving week to week. 

Now I have the opportunity to relax a bit and look at what’s going on around me. How I’ve approached running in the past and how I approach it now because of you has been a seismic shift for me. As one that values route and routine, it’s made me very reflective about where I see myself going with this.”

Marathon Runner Angela J.

-Angela J., Broke Half Marathon PR, Twice, Finally Avoiding Injury and Running Boston Qualifying Times

That's the power of working with a holistic marathon running coach.

I’m going to be real with you – it is a journey to reach your goal. Let’s be honest, running a fast, solid marathon may be one of the toughest things a person can do. 

And everyone knows it – for example, that’s why the Boston Marathon has an acceptance rate of only around 2%. 

But you get there faster (and literally less painfully) with expert guidance from someone who has been there and now holistically focuses on getting you there too. 

I used 30+ years in the health and fitness industry as the foundation to start my own business coaching running and holistic wellness professionally five years ago. As you can see I’ve used these same methods to help people like you run faster, steer clear of injuries, build stamina and endurance by transforming their training, physical conditioning, mindset, lifestyle and more to get distance running success. 

I’m dedicated to giving back and helping runners like you make it to your top performance. 

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results" -Albert Einstein

So it’s time to take a new path with your training, because, look, I’ve been there. I know how it is to work your tail off and miss your goals, or get injured and not be able to make progress at all. 

You may picture the type of runner you have inside, and you want to set that runner free. 

Yet despite pushing your hardest (maybe harder than others) to improve your running, it’s.just.NOT.

And you may try to sift through various information but it’s so conflicting. 

And then even life seems to get in the way. 

I know from experience and coaching many runners like you that living that way is not exactly life-enhancing. 

But on the flip side, I know that you have the characteristics of a champion, because you don’t give up. And it’s probably why you’re here. 

I can also tell you that when you learn how to reach your running goals in the healthiest way possible, it IS life-enhancing. 

It feels great to run and be at your best.  

So if you’ve tried methods on your own that haven’t worked or left you injured, or hired another coach that bombed out, or your goal is SO BIG and you really want to do it right, let’s be honest – it’s time for something else. 

I help you get your best marathon training by remembering what's most important: YOU

So, with me you’ll definitely get “something different.” As both a pro run coach and a holistic wellness coach, I view training, and YOU, differently.

I know you’re not a machine, and you don’t live in a bubble. You’re more than just a set of numbers from a watch. 

So I optimize your training by studying your running… which means sure, I look at a lot of data. 

But with holistic wellness I also consider your body, mind, spirit and life – another words, YOU, holistically – so you can finally release those wings on your feet.

So you don’t have to train for months and miss your goal or get injured.

Instead work with a coach who understands you, knows how to empathetically meet you where you are, and doesn’t treat you like a number on an overgrown client list. 

You need a running coach who has studied run training methods that work… PLUS, has also studied how the whole of YOU can make you run, and function, hence live, better. YOU run better. 

Think about it for a minute. You can’t get your best workouts if your coach is only looking at your running – and not that you are not sleeping well, having race anxiety, are stressed out, anxious or depressed and frazzled, not properly recovering, dealing with life changes, or improperly fueling or hydrating. 

Because that all has to do with your running performance (and how well you feel in life.) It’s no wonder that 90+% of runners get injured.

These also need to be considered and strategized in the context of your training so you can REALLY get your best performance… and as a bonus – you begin to feel amazing outside of running too.

Plus, I’ll hold you accountable to your workouts, so you won’t either skip or overtrain and not even hit the start line of your marathon.

So in addition to being almost OCD about you releasing your running greatness through developing your best run training, I also consider the impact of holistic health and wellness on your running so you can feel great knowing you are FULLY moving toward your goals. 

Maybe you think, “I just need a great running coach who helps me run better”. That’s fine… because guess what, that’s what you get! 

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to finish strong, shatter your PR, run Boston, win your next race or compete in an ultramarathon?

Because you can get the results you want with personalized – and holistic- run coaching.

Here's how you get your best marathon running performance:

You can get a customized training plan, or choose that plus a package customized to your needs of ongoing 1-on-1 holistic-based running guidance for your best performance.

Join my limited number athlete roster and I can help you train to run your best for a single event, or like an Olympian, continue to improve through a customized year-to-year periodized training schedule created just for your goals, wants and needs. 

You get to individualize your experience to maximize your performance and life. And then you can finally reach your goals!

What you get with a holistic online marathon running coach

– Total focus on your needs so you get results

– Customized training segments so you attain the ongoing plan you need to make progress

– Workouts and feedback from an experienced, certified distance running coach so you know exactly what to do

– A private online calendar for your workouts so you save time and effort by already knowing what workouts you will do – ahead of time

– Your workouts available online or conveniently by mobile app, plus, emailed to you daily. 

You will LOVE getting your own personal training calendar with the right workouts posted at the right times - save time and effort by having your workouts planned for you, in advance, with daily workout reminders/summaries sent to you. Available online and via a mobile device.
You will LOVE getting your own personal training calendar with the right workouts posted at the right times - save time and effort by having your workouts planned for you, in advance, with daily workout reminders/summaries sent to you. Available online and via a mobile device.

– Your questions answered so there is no confusion

– Individualized schedule adjustments based on data, my experience AND your feedback, so you avoid injury and overtraining

– Comprehensive coaching exactly when you need it so you can do you best to the finish line

– Information on your best fueling to perform so you feel great when training

– Options customized to your needs incorporating strength, core and yoga so you get balance to your training

– Form drills so you can run faster with more ease

– Stretching/flexibility plans so you can warm up and cool down properly

– Mental focus techniques so you can train and run at your best

Holistic marathon run coaching gives you the tools you need

You can break through plateaus, avoid injury and transform your training, fitness and total running performance. 

You get the motivation, encouragement and accountability to make your running dreams a reality. 

You get the support and answers you need so you can perform your best.

You get solutions and guidance from 30+ years of experience helping clients reach their goals, multiple coaching certifications, and a belief in YOU. 

Do you want to run faster or farther than you ever have, break a longstanding personal PR, qualify for Boston or run your best ultramarathon?

You’ll get an experienced push, or signal to pull back, when needed.

You and I both know that instead of a cookie-cutter plan, if you work with me using a customized training program based on your personal fitness level, goals and unique circumstances, you will maximize your time, money, effort and life.

"I was skeptical about having a coach. But a friend recommended Amie's coaching and so I went with it. I can say she took my running to the next level and I got an unexpected marathon PR. I thought I knew what I was doing, but wow, what a difference a coach makes. As analytical as you want to be, as well as motivating and good with long-term planning, that I hadn't thought about before. If you're serious, get her as a coach.”

-Jaz K.

You don't have to train for months and miss your target or get injured.

Instead, contact me to reach your goal.

Don't get stuck in a cookie cutter package. Let's chat about a customized run training program that works for your personal lifestyle and needs.

Change your life and accomplish your goal. Work with a coach who can get you there, holistically, to reach your most challenging goals.