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If you've got big goals for your running, you've found help!

The Holistic Marathon Performance System helps dedicated runners prevent injury and overtraining and enables reaching their highest potential so they can both run and feel great.

Are YOU ready?

Running with Life, LLC Marathon Coaching

Do you want to elevate your running performance?

Ok – Let’s do it!

Why? Because years ago, I was where you are.

It took a long time to learn how to transform from the average runner into a top performer, and I learned from my share of mistakes and injuries before I achieved success.

It came about with a funny story: I was running a race that was supposed to be closed to traffic. I’d not run it before, so I was annoyed when I started to run behind a car, breathing in its fumes.

“Why is this car here??” I thought, “This course is supposed to be closed to traffic!”

I didn’t realize until that moment that it was the lead car, and I was winning the race. I knew then that I’d found the elements to make run training work.

I developed these elements into a Holistic Running Performance System that allowed me to qualify for Boston multiple times and run ultras as training runs while still finishing on the podium.

As a pro coach for the past seven years, I’ve used the same Holistic System to help others get distance running success. I specialize in driven women runners and those reaching for their goals in their 30s, 40s (and beyond!)

I’m dedicated to giving back and helping runners with big marathon goals like you make your dreams a reality.

If you find yourself:

  • Working so hard yet missing your goals, or ending up injured and not able to run at all.
  • Feeling as if you have so much more potential, yet you don’t know how to set that free.
  • Trying training plans that stick you in a box with everyone else and leave you overtrained, injured, or performing far below your potential.
  • Feeling like you might never reach your goal. 
  • Having a lack of support to chase your dreams.
  • Fighting a nagging sense of self-doubt that you may never reach your goal is dragging your overall confidence level down as a result.
  • Getting demotivated, feeling like you’re doing “all the things,” and maybe even working harder than everyone else.
  • Losing your joy of running.
  • Reading generic and conflicting information that confuses you about what to do.

Living that way is not enhancing your life (and my company is “Running with Life,” you know…)

Instead, I’ll help you turn it around, feel great and run at your BEST.

How do I know?

Because I’ve done it and helped hundreds of runners do it! And I’ll help you get there too.

Amie Running Sunburst
Coach Amie running a marathon as a training run, coming in 6th. Another competitor finishing after said, "Amie ran by me like she was going for a stroll through the park." This is the power of the Holistic Running Improvement System. (Check out my shoelaces, LOL, I joke that I have a shoelace curse!)
But don't take my word for it, see what Angie says!

Angie went from having so many injuries that her doctor told her that "Maybe she wasn't meant to be a runner"... to breaking her half marathon PR, twice, cutting 35-minutes from her Marathon and running Boston Qualifying times:

I’m trying to understand how I’m able to run and feel so well, after years of just the opposite… because I’m used to working soooo hard all the time. Now, I’m almost never sore, have energy throughout the day, and am really beginning to enjoy running (like I did when I first started)…

The way I used to approach running and stamina… causes short-term gains but eventually causes you to fall off the cliff and for performance to begin a downward spiral… that’s what’s been happening with me every year, with rock bottom being an injury that forces me to stop running altogether.

This idea of not “surviving the distance” but instead striving to be better at the distance is what I feel like I’m doing now, and is very new… I always used to approach my long runs as me just trying to survive. 

There’s so much I haven’t known, haven’t done right for years, the only thing that was driving me before was a passion but without the proper understanding/knowledge to support it.

As I move into marathon training and have been, in incremental ways as you suggested, trying to simplify my life so that it is conducive to becoming a better runner, I’m finding that I’ve been taking stock of things…. how I began and where I am now. 

It’s almost like I’m having a “moment” in regards to my running, because I’m not just surviving all the time, but thriving, in a way that I haven’t been for years. 

For years I was just focused on making it through a season, injury-free. Almost like my perspective was downward (so to speak), like I was just focused on not getting injured and surviving week to week.

How I’ve approached running in the past and how I approach it and run now because of you has been a seismic shift for me.

Marathon Runner Angela J.
Angie J.
Cut 35 minutes from her Marathon PR
I must like hot races. Except I've run a marathon in Antarctica before, too...

So if you’ve tried methods that haven’t worked, or hired a single-focused coach and didn’t get results, or your goal is BIG or unusual, and you want to do it right, let’s be honest:

It’s time for something new.

Unlike other running coaches, you won’t get a one-size-fits-all running program that focuses on numbers.

I developed this System of coaching using my training as a Pro Running Coach as well as a Professional Holistic Well-Being Coach.

There is a night and day difference in the techniques and focus of these methods of coaching.

Yes, I look at your running data (I have five certifications in run coaching), so you get an optimal training plan customized for YOU.

BUT we also look holistically at the many ways that other aspects of your conditioning, mindset, and life could be helping or hindering your goals.

So you’re getting two expertly trained approaches in one.

You get a comprehensive strategy to reach your top performance.

It goes beyond “just running”…

Elite runners take all of this into consideration for their world-class performances. And now you can, too.


Contact me and find out how I can help you reach your goals! 

–Coach Amie

Discover The Holistic Marathon Performance System

The System is led by CEO and Head Coach Amie Dworecki, a multi-certified distance running coach and National Board Certified holistic wellness coach who has helped hundreds of clients succeed over the past 30+ years. 

She developed this complete method of training using expertise in how to realize peak performance in running and life. 

Whether your goal is to work toward running your first marathon or improve upon your previous times, with The Holistic Running Improvement System, you get the ability to work one-on-one with a pro coach using a holistic training model.

This will give you the knowledge, accountability, and support to transform your training and yourself into the athlete you envision. 

It’s designed to challenge you to perform at your highest level incrementally, so you get a thorough program to help you reach your personal goals.

Coaching is available online/remotely, so you’ll have access to your coach and your training calendar and plan anywhere.

How Does The System Work?

The Holistic Running Improvement System is a proven system that comprehensively helps you with distance running success

This System is different – instead of just looking at a run plan, you get a comprehensive focus that helps you avoid injury while improving your performance. 

First, you’ll start with a coach consultation to discuss your personal goals, struggles, and motivators and examine the best options to overcome your biggest challenges. 

Then, you’ll get an in-depth online holistic performance analysis and comprehensive run testing, so you can feel confident with where you stand. 

We’ll look at where you are with the Five Elements of The Holistic Performance System that you need to improve your running performance, including your:

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Recovery
  • Lifestyle
Then, we create a plan of attack to improve precisely the areas you need to run and be at your best. 

  • You’ll get a full report of your results with an actionable plan and straightforward suggestions of how you can improve
  • From your testing and analysis, you get customized training segments and big-picture strategies.
  • You’ll get your own ongoing monthly and day-by-day training plan created for you, so you save time and effort by already knowing what you will do and having it planned out for you in advance
  • You’ll have regular communication with your coach, giving you the support and accountability you need to make progress. 
  • The system includes a total focus on your blueprint of needs with a customizable level of support, so you get results. 
  • You get workouts, strategies, and feedback, so you know exactly what to do. 
  • You also get your own private online workout calendar on the Professional TrainingPeaks athlete platform
  • Your workouts are available online or conveniently by mobile app, plus emailed to you daily if you choose
  • You get your questions answered by a coach who truly listens to you, so you avoid confusion. 
  • You get schedule adjustments based on data, experience, AND your feedback, and a program founded on holistic health, so you avoid injury and overtraining
  • You get information on your best fueling to perform, so you feel great when training
  • You’ll find options customized to your needs incorporating strength, core, and yoga, so you get a balance in your training and life. 
  • You’ll also get form drills so you can run faster with more ease, stretching/flexibility plans so you can avoid injury, and warm-up and cool down properly.

  • You’ll use mental focus techniques and a mind-body viewpoint so you can train and run at your best and more.

  • More than just information, you can get strategies to improve so you feel great while reaching your goals

“My biggest fear was getting injured after getting shin splints on very light weekly volume… most runners do get injured. 

So, when I hired Amie, our number one goal was to stay FREE OF INJURY. If you are injured, you cannot accomplish any of your running goals while recovering, and so that will always be my number one goal.

I am pleased that I was able to get up to 55 miles a week without any injuries through the process. I was able to finish my marathon strong and injury-free in terrible conditions of 22- to 30-mile an hour wind. I just walked away and had lunch! 

She truly understands how to train a runner with big goals on the horizon… If you want a coach that can help you reach your goals… then Amie is the coach you want on your side.”

Steph A., Marathon Runner
Steph A.
Reached her marathon goal and went into Chicago feeling great.

Is The Holistic Marathon Performance System Right For Me?

Does any of this sound like YOU?

You have a target you want to hit, and it involves running 26.2 miles:

  • Perhaps you want a BQ: you are sick of “that look” people give you when they ask if you’ve run Boston (or other qualifier/challenge), and you have to say “No.”
  • Or, you want to become an Abbott six-star finisher by completing all the Marathon Majors: Boston, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and London.
  • Maybe you want to land on the podium or break your PR.
  • Maybe it’s just finishing the race (or even reaching the start line) without injury or feeling destroyed.
  • You know that you put so much effort into training, you want to avoid defeat and wasted time because you missed your goal.
  • Maybe you feel like you’re running the best you can, but you know you can do better (you just don’t know how.) 
  • Or you’ve run a marathon, but it’s been a while, and life has gotten in the way, and you want to get back into your best possible condition and return to, or even surpass, where you were before… 
  • Perhaps you’re tired of being sidelined from your full potential by injuries, overtraining, demotivation, or even a lack of support for your goal.
  • Or perhaps running a marathon is on your “bucket list” and doesn’t even seem real yet – you may be so pumped from finishing your first 5K that you JUST KNOW a marathon is quite possibly in your future, even if far away… 
  • Maybe you’re burned out and need a jump start with something new.

  • You want to get that GREAT feeling of finishing a marathon at your strongest.

  • BUT no matter your goal, you want to do it without being one of the estimated 90% of marathon runners who get injured. 

Well, if any of this even remotely sounds like you – you’ve found the right place! 

This coaching program has limited enrollment spaces and specializes in existing or returning runners with a Marathon goal. 

While you don’t have to have run a marathon before, it’s best if you’ve had some running experience, even if it’s not recent.

The Holistic Marathon Performance System is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t really care about your running goal. If you feel “meh” about it, this isn’t for you.

  • You value running over your health, even if that means increasing your risk of injury or prolonging illness.

  • You haven’t run before. If it’s your dream to run a marathon – but you haven’t yet started running, contact me to find out about other programs that can help you get started.
  • You don’t actually like running. “Yeah no.”
Get your best running performance by remembering what's most important: YOU

Don’t work with a coach who doesn’t understand you, doesn’t know how to meet you where you are, or treats you like data. 

Because this all has to do with your running performance – and how well you feel in life. 

Instead, get your best performance… and as a bonus – you begin to feel fantastic outside of running too.

The Holistic Marathon Performance System Gives You The Tools You Need

You can break through plateaus, avoid injury and transform your training, fitness, and total running performance. 

You get the motivation, encouragement, and accountability to make your running dreams a reality. 

You get the support and answers you need so you can perform your best.

You get solutions and guidance from 30+ years of experience helping clients reach their goals, multiple coaching certifications, and a belief in YOU. 

You’ll get an experienced push or signal to pull back when needed.

Instead of a generic plan or one-sided coach, The Holistic Marathon Performance System puts all of YOU toward your goal, so you maximize your time, money, effort, and life.

“I was skeptical about having a coach. But a friend recommended Amie’s coaching and so I went with it. 

I can say she took my running to the next level and I got an unexpected marathon PR. 

I thought I knew what I was doing, but wow, what a difference a coach makes. As analytical as you want to be, as well as motivating and good with long-term planning, that I hadn’t thought about before. 

If you’re serious, get her as a coach.”

JK Testimonial
Jaz K.
First time working with a coach, PR'd after a long-standing multiple marathon plateau

You don't have to train for months and miss your target or get injured.

You can get a standalone training plan designed for you, a single running analysis, or a monthly coaching package with options that are tailored to your ultimate performance.

You can train to run your best for a single event, or continue to improve through a customized year-to-year training schedule created for your goals, wants, and needs. 

You can get a money-back guarantee – so there’s no risk to you.  

Get goal clarification, your questions answered, and discover the best ways to reach your top goals, life and health:

Fill out this form and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation now.

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Reaching your goal can be life-changing. The Holistic Marathon Performance System can help you reach your most challenging goals. 

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