The Breakthrough Method

Holistic Weight Loss Coaching

For goal-driven women who want to lose weight and run well.

Move beyond obstacles and reach your goals with a Breakthrough Coach today

The Breakthrough Method is a holistic weight-loss program that avoids diet struggles and demotivation and enables you to lose weight for good and become the fit, high-performing runner you envision.

Working with an experienced weight loss and running coach is your ultimate tool to achieve your goals. Join the many who have already transformed themselves into strong, lean and fit runners. With this program women have lost their unwanted weight and are running better than ever even after years of previous failed attempts.

Partnering with your own professional weight loss and running coach, for 12 solid weeks you’ll get weekly 1:1 meetings to keep you on track toward your goal. During these meetings, you’ll set clear actionable goals and know exactly how you will achieve them. 

You’ll achieve your desired changes in not only your outer image, but also your inner self-confidence, mindset, lifestyle, health habits and more. 

It’s time to get real results!

Who is The Breakthrough Method for?

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You may have tried a lot of fixes and found that they don’t stick or aren’t maintainable. You may have tried to shed the weight with running with success but it wasn’t sustainable for the long-term. Or, you aren’t getting the results you really wanted. You may find it hard to stay motivated and on track.

Maybe you want to return to the athlete you used to be and want to lose the average 30-40+ pounds gained during Covid or other lifestyle changes. Perhaps you can picture your own transformation of the person you want to be when you lose the weight and reach a running goal like running a half- or full-marathon. 

With your own coach, you can leave the struggles behind and get help with what it takes for YOU to lose weight for good and be a high performing, energetic runner. You get guided through a step-by-step, personalized, easy-to-follow program that gets you to a place that you want to be, where your positive changes stay. 

You’ll get an expert knowledge of weight loss, running, health, mind-body principles and easily achievable goals so that the new, optimized lifestyle that you get from The Breakthrough Method brings out the real you

Case Study: Amie lost 50+ pounds this way - now she helps others just like you to do it too

You can use running and health to become or come back to that person you KNOW you know you are as well!
Coach Amie Before/After Losing Weight Holistically. 50+ Pounds GONE!

Hi, I’m Coach Amie… and this before/after pic is ME! 

Before I was a pro running and weight loss coach, I had fallen into a period of overworking myself, putting everyone else’s needs before my own and despite running and always trying to diet, I couldn’t lose the weight. 

I also went through a series of medical misdiagnoses that led to tons of medications, with side effects so bad I had to stop running due to cardiac effects. 

The medications shut down my metabolism and caused my weight to spiral even more out of control. 

My health was crumbling, I was badly fatigued, became depressed and was in the worst shape of my entire life. 

The before picture wasn’t even at my heaviest as I would run away from the camera. The after photo was taken at age 43 before running another ultramarathon.

To be honest I am not even sure how much I lost in total – probably around 65 lbs – I stopped weighing myself because it was depressing.

If you avoid mirrors, or your closet is cluttered with clothes that no longer fit but you can’t donate… If you outwardly smile but feel uncomfortable with how you look and feel… If you fear or experience judgement by others, if you run and feel you could do better… I get you 100%. 

But at one point, I had enough. The pain of going on as I was outweighed anything else. 

This is something you have to do for YOU.

I said NO MORE and got off all the meds. But then… I had to lose the weight just like anyone else – except starting with almost almost zero metabolism due to the medications. 

To top it off, I had experienced trauma and as a result realized I had also been using the weight to hide myself away from the world. 

It took a long while to research and learn that I had to reach my weight and running goals holistically: using a big picture view. 

This is why simply going on a one-size-fits-all diet fails because losing weight involves many factors. 

When I found out how to do it – it felt so great to release the real me, that it inspired me to also get trained as a professional coach and develop The Breakthrough Method so I could help others do it too. 

If I can do it – after all that, I can guide you in this same Method to lose the weight and be healthier too. 

I also got my self-confidence back, improved my mental and physical strength, got a healthier lifestyle and improved my run training ability and race times.

When you lose weight you gain so much LIFE!

I also noticed that I must have a gift for this because even before I was professionally trained and developed this Method, I helped two former roommates lose 60+ and 100-lbs each. 

One is also now a distance runner too and the other is a fitness instructor. 

Remember: You become like those you choose to associate with! Are you ready? 

How The Breakthrough Method Works

The Breakthrough Method is different because it’s not just about a number on the scale or some crash diet that makes you feel badly. 

Instead, we look at your life holistically and where you are in your own running journey so you can lose weight, be healthier and reach your goals. 

Therefore, you may also improve other problems that contribute to weight loss and running woes such as stress/mental strain, nutrition issues or sleep problems. 

So more than just weight loss – YOU get healthier, and your running improves as well. 

The Method is easy to understand, and for your personal transformation, you get all of this:

1. First, you get a free, no-obligation goal clarification session – just click the scheduling button below. 

If there are spaces in The Breakthrough Method program available, you will be linked to my scheduling calendar. If the program is currently full, you will instead be able to join a waitlist to be notified for the next available spot. 

2. During your initial 30-minute session, we will discover your overall goals and motivators, and you can also ask any questions you have. 

You can also find out about the current available package options, and any bonuses you may be eligible to get.

3. You get a complete package customized to your needs and wants. 

In our discussion, you’ll get help in selecting your best options to reach your personalized goals. For example, if you are satisfied with your running program, you may just want The Breakthrough Method to assist you with weight loss in your current running routine. Or, you can also get help to accomplish big running goals by incorporating Premium Run Coaching alongside your weight loss program.

As past clients have experienced and you can imagine: losing weight is life-changing – as is accomplishing a major goal in running. Putting them together can create a total transformation in your self-confidence, health and life! 

4. You get a BONUS module to help jump-start your comprehensive 12-week weight-loss program. It includes an extensive initial baseline evaluation all about YOU, to examine the big picture of your life – right now. Through this you’ll discover things like: What is YOUR personal “why” that can help drive your weight loss goal to success? What could stop you from reaching your goals? You can answer your discovery questions securely and privately online at your convenience. 

5. Then, you get an in-depth, 60-90 minute focused session to go over your evaluation, and dig deep into your wants and motivations. I’ll guide you in creating your Ideal Vision of you at your BEST, plus you’ll get clear, realistic milestones with an actionable plan so you can move forward. Eliminate “can’t” and focus on “can”!

6. I’ll work with you to set weekly goals personalized to you – and real, concrete strategies that work for you to reach them. You’ll get your own blueprint for success – and, be held accountable to following your personalized plan. 

7. You then get 12 weekly, 30-minute sessions with your choice of a phone call format, or videoconference. I’ll check-in on your progress so you’ll always have accountability and your questions answered. I’ll help you set new milestones as you reach your goals, and further customize your personalized strategy to lose weight, be at your healthiest to feel and run your best.

By the end of the 12-week program, you can lose excess weight, enhance your self-confidence in your ability to reach your goals, and also have a concise, written and practiced weight loss strategy that works for you and your life. You will have a new holistically healthy lifestyle that supports your goals and your running achievements.   

Schedule today and let’s chat.

Case Study: After years of failed attempts at losing weight Steph tried The Breakthrough Method and finally lost weight!

Despite being 39, Steph is now living her Ideal Vision and is back to what she weighed in her 20’s. While losing weight she also attained more self-confidence and mental strength. 

Before starting The Breakthrough Method with me, she went to a run club and felt self-conscious that she was the slowest one, people had to keep stopping and waiting for her, and so she didn’t go back. 

Now after The Breakthrough Method, she is passing those same runners in races, breaking PR’s and soon running her own Boston Qualifier. 

She says:

"I had been in an overweight category for over a decade. My biggest fear was that I was going to sabotage my health and marathon PR goals if I continued to remain overweight.

I was approximately 40 pounds overweight when I finished my first marathon. While my highest mileage was around 55 miles, I could not lose weight through the training process... As a result, I hired Amie to provide that accountability and wellness vision to help me move the scale in the off season.

We are three to four months away from my next marathon training season and I am down 20 pounds and I am already generating PRs over smaller distances. Amazing progress for me...

Amie developed a routine that really helped shred the fat from my body. My favorite part is accountability. It is sometimes nice to have someone that helps you stay on track.

Beginnings and plans are exciting, but it's the middle and the continuous grinding that can become tedious.

The accountability factor makes you think twice about not cranking out the work that it will take to achieve your goals. Someone is not ONLY watching but cheering for you. If you have consistently failed at achieving your goals, I would recommend a personalized plan with individual attention to you.

Amie understands we are all different and will coach you towards what is going to work for you, not the generic plans we have all tried. "
Steph A., a Runner with Weight Loss Success!
Steph A.

You'll get the support, guidance and accountability you need so you can reach your goals and improve holistically for the long run. 

Working with a professional who knows all about run training paired with weight loss, you can get The Breakthrough Method on it’s own, or hand-in-hand with Private Run Coaching or a Training Group for a comprehensive total package. 

Please be aware: some people call themselves coaches by making commissions selling you products, supplements or extreme diets that you don’t need or that may be unsafe for you as a runner – or even your life. 

Or, through pushing one-size-fits-all exercise programs that don’t work for you, or diet methods that don’t work for runners, or a woman’s metabolic needs. 

Instead, with The Breakthrough Method you get a method geared toward getting you to your goals through evidence-based, proven principles. 

Therefore, you are not asked to buy supplements, or use diets or workout programs that may not be right for you or your running. 

The techniques are derived from the gold-standard of professional coaching with a weight-loss focus, combined with an extensive knowledge of running so you get optimal results.

You finish the program getting much more than just a number on a scale

Beyond losing weight, the Ideal Vision that I’ll help you craft includes more than just getting to a clothing size or number on the scale. You achieve a holistic, balanced, healthy lifestyle that has also included benefits such as:

  • WEIGHT LOSS!! So you can meet your goal!
  • Accountability, so you can stick to your plan and make the changes you need.
  • Improved Nutrition, so your overall health and running improves.
  • Managing Stress, so you feel more relaxed.
  • Staying Consistent with Running, so you can improve your fitness.
  • Meeting Performance Goals that you may feel have been blocked.
  • Expanding Positive Thinking and Self-Motivation, so you can perform better in running and life.
  • Better Sleep Habits, which can give you better ability to both lose weight and run better.
  • Mind-Body Awareness, so you can understand what may be standing in your way.
  • Attaining Balance / Organization, so you can stop the stress in your everyday life.
  • Increased Energy, so you can keep up your running and newly enhanced lifestyle.
  • Mental Strength / Self-Confidence: Losing weight is not just a physical transformation outside, it can add to a person’s inner mental strength and self-confidence. Stand tall and imagine the new you.
  • Increasing Sense of Purpose and Self-Esteem so you can re-awaken your life!
  • Living Your Life to The Fullest, especially if this has been a long-term goal for you, you can stop feeling like you are missing out and release the real you!

You get a whole-person centered approach that listens to you and works with you to get the motivation, guidance and accountability you need to succeed and achieve your personal goals. 

You will not find unrealistic promises in this program, but you will get strategies that work for you to achieve your goals long-term.

You can gain the holistic, healthy body and lifestyle that gets you your best running and life.

Everyone who has gone through the program with me has lost weight! (I will rewrite this if it ever changes, but I don’t think it will 😉 )

Don’t wait!

People say that they wish they would have started this a long time ago, but there is a saying that goes… “The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago… the next best time is NOW!”

Only you can decide where you will be in just 12 short weeks from now! Schedule a free consultation below to take the first step.

Program FAQs

In this program you will discover the strategies that work for you, personally, to lose weight. 

Once you unlock the “secret” of what works for you, you can go on to continue onward to lose any amount of weight that gets you to your ideal weight, size or personal target. 

By the end of the 12-weeks, you will have your strategy mapped out, which saves you money as you are not paying for a program that you are reliant on indefinitely. 

Although no weight loss program can guarantee results, the Breakthrough Method works for those who work The Method… During the 12-week program, clients have lost that stubborn last 5-10 lbs up to 40-lbs and have continued to lose weight with their customized strategies after the program ended.

Clients entering into the program usually have 40+ pounds to lose and are ready to commit to become the person they want to be. 

Runners of any level can benefit from this program, but you need to have completed at least 2 months of running (at some point in your life.) 

Because let’s be honest, if you’ve never run and don’t know if you like running yet, how much commitment will you have to this program if you discover that running just isn’t for you?  

While long distance runners have found this has worked for them to get weight loss when nothing else has, many runners find this program helps them lose weight, stick to their new running programs, and find motivational strategies so they can make their running and nutritional habits last.

Because in addition to weight loss and improved running – it benefits your health! And let’s be real, who doesn’t want better health? 

Also, normally, I only offer personal online run coaching to those with a marathon or ultra goal. 

However, as an added benefit, I do allow runners of any level who are being coached in the Running + Weight Loss Program to enter into Private Run Coaching, so they can get more structured running guidance and that extra push they may need. 

Yes, we’ve also seen others out there who call themselves a coach just because they sell supplements.

We do not sell or push supplements, shakes, pills or fad diets of any type. 

And, I’d be suspicious of anyone who tried those methods. Just because those supplements or that extreme diet plan may (or may not!) have worked for them, does not mean it will work for you and may even be dangerous. 

Some supplements also do not work well for running, because many have cardiovascular side effects that are dangerous that do not work well with exercise.

If there was a supplement or diet plan that worked for everybody – let’s be honest, everyone would have bought it by now.

Instead, The Breakthrough Method for weight loss is a program in which you get to work with a Nationally Certified, experienced professional coach to discover the blueprint of what works for YOU, your running and your lifestyle. 

There is a saying coined by endurance athlete and women’s health researcher, Dr. Stacey Sims, who says, “Women are not small men.” 

Women can have very different needs and weight loss strategies than a man. Our hormone systems, metabolisms, and response to exercise is not the same.

Fad diets can also be more dangerous for women. Many of the studies done in the world of weight loss and endurance – have been done on men in their 20s! 

So if a man tries to fit you into a program that worked for him, or generically brings up studies that say a certain diet or way of working out should work for you – I’d take that with a grain of salt. 

We’ve all seen the guys who simply cut creamer from their coffee or similar and lost weight and didn’t get why it didn’t work for us.

Or maybe you’ve felt the pull of emotional eating, or have gotten to certain times of the month (or your life) where going running feels like you’ve hit a brick wall, and they just can’t understand… and let’s be honest who wants to explain things like that to a male coach anyway.

I specialize in the helping women lose weight and excel at running not only because I have been there – but because through experience, I know that you need that type of specialization to get true results.

Stop missing out on your life.

Take the first step and schedule your free consultation today.

"Before I started I was scared that Amie would encourage me to do workouts I don't have time for. But she did not put pressure on me to work out every day.

She listened to me instead of just giving generic advice... She's a good listener to tailor your program to your tastes and needs. I've lost 35 lbs so far!

My knee pain has also improved. Thank you, I really needed this!"
AJ Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Andrea J.