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Your Best Running Coach for Marathons

A Holistic Running Coach helps you prevent injuries and provides complete coaching so you can improve your performance and feel accomplished.

A Holistic Running Coach helps you avoid injuries, disappointing races, or frustration about what to do.

A holistic running coach helps you succeed.

Are you considering a running coach because you’re struggling to run as you envision? 

I get it because overcoming these obstacles inspired me to become a coach and create Holistic Run Coaching System based on decades of experience, so you can avoid the time, effort, and mistakes I made to succeed. 

specialize in coaching driven women or those in their 30s and 40s (and beyond!) because mainstream coaching techniques often ignore your specific, holistic needs.

Sign up for a complimentary coaching chat, and let’s get started – because I can also help you improve your running. 

–Coach Amie

Why choose a Holistic Running Coach?

Prevent injuries and overtraining

Get all the bases covered, so you prevent excess fatigue and injuries.

More effective workouts

You wake up each day knowing exactly what to do at a level that meets you where you are.

Get accountability and results

You get consistent feedback to stay on track and get results.

Know exactly what to do

You'll be able to relax with plans that give you clear direction, right to your phone or watch!

Feel great, run great

Holistic coaching emphasizes what's good for you and your running.

Head Running Coach Amie

I’m Head Running Coach Amie Dworecki, BS, MA, MBA, a small business owner, multi-certified running coach, running fanatic, and caretaker to my 85-year-old Mom. 

I started my company to help others improve and help you get what you need to feel empowered and successful with great running experiences. 

I’ve been featured in Runner’s World, Women’s Running and Ultrarunning Magazines, Nike.com, and Trail Runner because Holistic Run Coaching helps you prevent injuries and mistakes, get into your top physical and mental condition, and truly improve your running. 

When I’m not being a running coach, working on my business, or assisting my Mom, you can find me in my places of Zen – running out on long country roads or trails with my dog, Cody, having a relaxing moment with a cat, or in the garden. 

Holistic Running Coach Amie, Coming in 6th in a Marathon
Holistic Running Coach Amie, Coming in 6th in a Marathon

Success with a Holistic Running Coach looks like this:

"My biggest fear was getting injured after getting shin splints on very light weekly volume... most runners do get injured. 
So, when I hired Amie, our number one goal was to stay FREE OF INJURY. If you are injured, you cannot accomplish any of your running goals while recovering, and so that will always be my number one goal.
I am pleased that I was able to get up to 55 miles a week without any injuries through the process. I was able to finish my marathon strong and injury-free in terrible conditions of 22- to 30-mile an hour wind. I just walked away and had lunch! 
She truly understands how to train a runner with big goals on the horizon... If you want a coach that can help you reach your goals... then Amie is the coach you want on your side."
Steph A., Testimonial for working with a Holistic Running Coach
Steph A.
Reached her targets and has trained for the Chicago and Berlin Marathons, with plans to run all the World Marathon Majors
I went from having so many injuries that my doctor told me that maybe I wasn't meant to be a runner. Now, I'm running Boston Qualifying times. So I'm trying to understand how I'm able to run and feel so well, after years of just the opposite... because I'm used to working soooo hard all the time. Now, I'm almost never sore, have energy throughout the day, and am really beginning to enjoy running (like I did when I first started). The way I used to approach running and stamina... eventually causes you to fall off the cliff and for performance to begin a downward spiral... that's what's been happening with me every year, with rock bottom being an injury that forces me to stop running altogether. This idea of not "surviving the distance" but instead striving to be better at the distance is what I feel like I'm doing now, and is very new... I always used to approach my long runs as me just trying to survive.  There's so much I haven't known, haven't done right for years, the only thing that was driving me before was a passion but without the proper understanding/knowledge to support it. It's almost like I'm having a "moment" in regards to my running, because I'm not just surviving all the time, but thriving, in a way that I haven't been for years.  For years I was just focused on making it through a season, injury-free. Almost like my perspective was downward (so to speak), like I was just focused on not getting injured and surviving week to week. How I've approached running in the past and how I approach it and run now because of you has been a seismic shift for me."
Marathon Runner Angela J.
Angie J.
Cut 35-minutes from her PR for a Boston Qualifying Pace
"It was nice to change things up, both speed and distance-wise - and I could see genuine progress. I've run races like I've never done before. I've also learned the importance of actually resting your body and a lot more about better fueling. I would recommend Amie because she really helped me to enjoy running again. Before hiring her, running had stopped being something I enjoyed, and started being something that felt discouraging and only did for the exercise. I now look forward to running again, and she's definitely helped me to become a stronger runner!"
Elizabeth H. Testimonial
Elizabeth H.
Boston Qualifier

What you get with a Holistic Running Coach:

Your personalized coaching calendar includes workouts, tips, and holistic milestones.

With Holistic Run Coaching, you will LOVE getting your own personal workout calendar with the right workouts posted at the right times - save time and effort by having your workouts planned for you, in advance, with daily workout reminders/summaries sent to you. Available online and via a mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
about Personal Coaching with a Holistic Running Coach

Here’s precisely what you can expect when you set up a call:

After you sign up using the form below, you’ll get a reply to schedule a call within two business days. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive a response. 

  • Your call will last around 15-20 minutes. Sometimes it’s longer if we need to talk more in-depth about your situation. 
  • I’ll first get an overview of your story: your background, what you want to do, and what’s happening. 
  • I’ve trained in a Holistic approach, so you may get questions that you haven’t thought to ask yourself or haven’t heard from other coaches – so you can get new ideas about your situation.
  • You’ll get increased clarity on your exact targets, motivations, and struggles.
  • Then, you get the best strategies so you can move forward.
  • You’ll get professional feedback about your race, event, or outcome and the path I’d most likely take (as this is only based on our brief discussion) if I were your coach so that you can get results

I’ll also send an outline of your strategy session, so you’ll have it summarized by a professional coach, which will be valuable to you so you can easily see what is happening.  

So whether we work together or not, you’ll walk away from this session with an improved mindset and more knowledge, so you can move forward with more confidence in resolving your struggles. 

The differences you get with Running with Life Holistic Marathon Coaching are:

  • A unique Holistic Marathon Coaching Method: You get the benefits of more comprehensive coaching so you can increase your chances of success.
  • Specialization in Your Goal: Instead of coaches who try to coach everyone in everything, holistic, women-specific marathon coaching helps women marathoners overcome the same problems you face more frequently so you get the experience you need to help you reach your goal.
  • Training That Makes Sense For You: While many untrained people think they can coach simply because they run or do it as a part-time gig, you also benefit from a professional coach with training and experience in multiple forms of coaching, so you can get specific marathon coaching and training that makes sense for you. 
  • Familiar with Your Experience: a coach who has only known life as an elite athlete, is in a younger age range, or is of a different gender may not fully understand your struggles; instead, you can get a coach who understands YOU.
  • Personalized Experience: Instead of an app, AI, static plan, or generic coach, you get a holistic blend of the art and science of you and what counts outside your running with your training  – so you get marathon coaching that better prevents injury and maximizes your results. 
  • You can get additional customized coaching if you need help with other issues that you feel are affecting your performance, such as coaching to develop/fine-tune a performance mindset, weight loss coaching, or fueling and nutrition coaching from a Registered Sports Dietitian, so you can truly be the best you can be.

Because, unlike an app, a real coach cannot handle unlimited clients, there tend to be limited roster slots available – so you can find out about available spaces in your free strategy session.

Even though some throw around “Holistic” as a buzzword lately…

  • I developed Holistic Marathon Coaching from my experience as  a Performance Running Coach and a Nationally Board Certified Holistic Coach, so you get two coaching methods in one.


  • More than a philosophy, a Professional Holistic Coach helps you understand all the essential elements impacting your performance and build a bridge from where you are now to your goal.

    Other running coaches are trained to look solely at running, but that leaves much of your performance on the table since that’s not the only factor.

    Instead, I developed the Holistic Marathon Coaching to consider the Five Elements of Holistic Running Performance: your Training, Recovery, Fueling, Mindset, and the Essentials you need so you can fully reach your full potential in running AND thrive! 

  • Another difference is that old-fashioned running coaches are directive – mostly one-sided; like a drill sergeant, they only know how to tell you what to do. 

    A Professional Holistic Coach has invested much more into further education and training
    that includes a cooperative and empathetic style: working with you so you can get strategies that work for you.

Well, first – did you know that most of the studies on how runners respond to training and injury prevention have been done on college-aged male athletes in their early 20s?

So much of what is published about run training, which traditional running coaches follow, is based upon this information. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but back when I was 20, I could stay out late, get up after little sleep and do pretty well at a race or in my workout.

As we age, that same strategy would fail due to a different need for sleep, a different timeframe for the best recovery response, and the total training load you can handle before the body breaks down.

The body handles external stress from work and life differently as well. 

And, I’ve never been anything like a 20-year-old male, so there’s also that. 

But for some runners who became coaches, that is all they have ever known, so that is how you are coached (!) 

So those of us who are not 20-year-old male athletes –  women and runners as they get into their 30s and older – are helped by a different, more holistic approach to training, recovery, fueling/nutrition, mindset, and the lifestyle essentials that help you and your running thrive. 

With online coaching, you can access your plans, training, and coach from anywhere via email, an app, phone, or Zoom, so you don’t have to go to a gym or any location to get in your training. 

Unlike some coaches, I am okay if you need to do workouts at home/on a treadmill, push a stroller, repeat specific locations, or do what you need to do to get things done. 

You have different options for the type of coaching you can get, depending on your needs holistically. 

It is an easy, step-by-step process to set everything up and start. 

Schedule a free strategy session to learn more; let me know if you’ve not tried online coaching before – and I’ll give you a free 7-day trial to check it all out. 

Unlike other places that judge based on your pace, there is no judgment here. 

Holistic Coaching accommodates runners of all levels who want to take on their epic marathon and ultramarathon challenges anywhere in the world.

I believe your result relies more holistically not only on your level but on your visionmindset, and consistency

“Hard work beats talent when talent don’t work hard.” -Tim Notke, basketball coach 

If you have a dream of running Boston but feel far from that, that’s fine; I’ve helped runners like you reach Boylston St. 

If your longest run has been 3.5 miles, but you envision yourself going 350 (like the Alaskan Iditarod footrace), that’s fine too – and you don’t want to go super fast for that anyway.

If you read that you can run on Mt. Kilimanjaro and now think it would be cool to do – I like your style. Let’s do it because I can help you.  

While it doesn’t happen overnight, people have done these things, and so can you. You need the correct map to get there, and I’m like your GPS for these types of dreams.

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”
― Lao Tzu

You don’t need a lot of running experience, just that you are serious about your goal to run one (i.e., this isn’t for you if you signed up for a race at the last minute without any training or do not know if you can commit the time or effort to train for the race.)

It’s also okay if you’ve been training and want someone to fine-tune your plan. 

Runners that get top results tend to be consistent and enjoy running (or at least did enjoy it before – some people talk to me after they burned themselves out). 

Since there are many factors involved, it’s hard to know how many weeks it would take until we know more about your situation from the complimentary strategy session.

Training time depends on your training history and schedule, what else you have in your life right now, and how much you want to run or cross-train.

If you’ve been out of running for a while, it will naturally take longer to build up to your goal.

I have helped runners serious about their goals be successful in the half-, especially if it’s got an extra challenge, such as a destination race, or they have aspirations of eventually running a marathon or longer event.

Marathon coaching packages are customized to your needs and start at $197/month.

You can also get a 30-day money-back guarantee or go month-to-month with no obligation to continue.

Schedule a free coaching chat so you can move forward.

Marathon Coaching Testimonial - My biggest fear was that the coaching would point out my weaknesses and I would feel defeated, instead she pointed out my strengths and how I can get stronger and more focused on achieving my goals. Amie is the type of support one needs to set and achieve life-changing goals... and now I am! -Nury A.