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Ditch the diet struggle & reclaim your running passion

Personalized coaching for returning women runners over 40.

Achieve lasting weight loss and a healthy lifestyle so you can run strong and feel amazing again.

Running body transformation - Lose weight and run great with Coach Amie

Stride & Thrive Program: A Personalized Approach for Returning Women Runners 40+

Do you want to lose weight and have running feel exciting again – but you can’t seem to stay on track?

This isn’t your fault – if you haven’t found a way that works for you and your life as an individual, you may repeatedly lose and gain the same weight.

The Challenge:

Knowing what to do is one thing, but figuring out why it’s not happening can be a struggle.

Generic weight loss plans and running programs often neglect the specific challenges women runners face, leading to frustration and wasted time.

The Stride & Thrive Solution:

This program is designed to help you break free from old patterns and achieve lasting results.

A Personalized Blueprint for Your Weight Loss and Running Transformation

Are you tired of "Weight Watching"? Stop weight loss woes and lose weight with a running and a private weight loss coach
Weight loss and Holistic Running Coach Amie helps women runners over 40 get to personalized weight loss success.
  • Get to the Root Cause: We’ll uncover the hidden factors hindering your progress through in-depth assessments and holistic, personalized coaching. Whether it’s stress, life changes, sleep issues, or fueling strategies that don’t align with your training – we’ll identify the roadblocks preventing sustainable weight loss.

  • Expert Guidance: Access a team of experts, including certified coaches and registered dietitians, who will create a holistic plan tailored specifically to you.
  • Running Smart for Weight Loss: Learn how to tailor your training to support your weight loss goals, avoid overtraining, and manage your energy levels for optimal results.
  • Rediscover Your Running Passion: We’ll develop strategies to help you reignite your love for running, building a foundation for long-term enjoyment and success, whether your dream is a 5K or an ultramarathon.

I developed this weight loss transformation program to help you avoid going through what I did to lose weight so you can run like you want and feel amazing, too!

From Frustration to Marathon Finish Line: My Journey Inspired the Stride & Thrive Program

Marathon and Private Weight Loss Coach Amie before/after a 60 lbs weight loss. You can run and lose weight with a private weight loss coach and a running plan to lose weight.
Marathon and Private Weight Loss Coach Amie before/after a 60 lbs weight loss. You can run and lose weight with a private weight loss coach and a running plan to lose weight.

Hi there, I’m Coach Amie. Like many of you, I struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. After being active for most of my life, I experienced health challenges and medication side effects that led to weight gain and halted my running journey.

Feeling frustrated and discouraged, I knew I had to make a change. I started by addressing the root causes of my weight gain and learned how to lose weight holistically, not just through restrictive diets.

More than just weight loss:

My journey wasn’t just about the numbers on the scale. It was about rediscovering my health, confidence, and passion for running. I not only lost over 60 pounds, but I also achieved my running goals, qualifying for the Boston Marathon at age 43.

Helping you achieve your goals:

Witnessing the positive transformations of others whom I helped (one lost 60 lbs, another 100+) motivated me to share this approach with a wider audience. 

This is why I created the Stride & Thrive Program – to empower women runners like you to not only reach your desired weight but also experience the joy of running and a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Join the journey:

Are you ready to reclaim your running passion and rediscover yourself? Let’s work together to achieve your goals, both on and off the track.

Why choose the Stride & Thrive Weight Loss Coaching Program for Women Runners?

Easier Weight Loss

Instead of trying it alone, regular meetings with a professional coach increase your accountability, help you gain your best plan, and keep you on track.

Make Real Progress

This program helps you make the necessary changes personalized to your needs, so you make more consistent progress toward your goals instead of stopping and starting.

Your Unique Needs Met

Weight loss coaching for women runners considers the specific elements that help you lose weight, run well, feel good, and have more energy.

Improved Mindset and Confidence

With professional feedback and measurable progress, you can regain your confidence.

Lose weight, run better, feel great

This holistic program helps you lose weight and improve your health, running, and life!

Lose Weight, Run Stronger: The Stride & Thrive Program for Women Runners Over 40

Tired of restrictive diets and yo-yo running that leaves you discouraged? You’re not alone. Many women runners over 40 find it tough to lose weight and improve their running performance. That’s where The Stride & Thrive Program comes in.

Our easy-to-follow, personalized coaching program takes a holistic approach to weight loss and running to help goal-driven women runners lose unwanted weight.

We go beyond just calories and focus on understanding the underlying reasons why you make certain choices about food and exercise. This allows you to create sustainable habits that help you lose weight, run stronger, and feel amazing.

Whether you’re looking to:

  • Enhance your current running routine
  • Restart your journey and train for a half-marathon
  • Conquer a life-changing marathon or ultra

Our program can help you achieve your goals.

Imagine feeling confident, energized, and empowered as you cross your next finish line. The Stride & Thrive Program provides the support, guidance, and accountability you need to lose weight, improve your running, and transform your life.

Schedule your Free Transformation Session today and discover how we can help you reach your weight loss and running goals! 

Running Body Transformation for Women Over 40

The Stride & Thrive weight loss coaching program can help if you:

  • Want to lose weight sustainably and feel your best while running.
  • Struggle with nutrition, running motivation, or mindset and desire additional support.
  • Seek a personalized approach to healthy weight loss with running.
  • Want to boost your energy, improve health markers, and inspire others.
  • Dream of becoming a confident runner and achieving your running goals.
Running Body Transformation for Women Over 40
Running Body Transformation: Before/after photo - how to run to lose weight with private weight loss coaching.

Picture This...

  • You’re consistently shedding pounds through a sustainable, lifestyle-friendly approach.
  • Feel energized and supported on your journey, keeping you accountable and reaching your goals.
  • Effortlessly conquer your runs, feeling stronger and more accomplished than ever before.
  • Discover personalized strategies to maintain your healthy weight loss, ensuring long-term success.
  • Embody the confident runner you envisioned, achieving goals you once thought impossible.
  • Step out in style, rocking your favorite clothes with newfound confidence.
  • Witness the positive changes not only in your physique but in your overall health and energy levels.
  • Holistically enhance your running, health, and life, waking up each day feeling fantastic.

Ready to make this a reality?

I can help you get the weight loss success other clients have had:

Steph A., Marathon Runner
Stephanie A

Steph - Faster and More Confident Runner

Steph, at 39, has returned to her weight from her 20s and is setting personal records (PRs)! 

Before the program, she felt self-conscious at her running club and stopped going due to her pace. 

Now, she surpasses those same runners in races and is nearing her Boston Marathon qualifier.

Steph’s story:

“I had been in an overweight category for over a decade. My biggest fear was that I was going to sabotage my health and marathon PR goals if I continued to remain overweight.

I was approximately 40 pounds overweight when I finished my first marathon. While my highest mileage was around 55 miles, I could not lose weight through the training process…

As a result, I hired Amie to provide that accountability and wellness vision to help me move the scale in the off-season.

We are three to four months away from my next marathon training season and I am down 20 pounds and I am already generating PRs over smaller distances. Amazing progress for me…

Amie developed a routine that really helped shred the fat from my body.

My favorite part is accountability. It is sometimes nice to have someone that helps you stay on track.

Beginnings and plans are exciting, but it’s the middle and the continuous grinding that can become tedious.

The accountability factor makes you think twice about not cranking out the work that it will take to achieve your goals. Someone is not ONLY watching but cheering for you.

If you have consistently failed at achieving your goals, I would recommend a personalized plan with individual attention to you.

Amie understands we are all different and will coach you towards what is going to work for you, not the generic plans we have all tried. “

Sharee. S. has had success with Running and Private Weight loss Coaching.
Sharee S.

Sharee - Rekindled Running Goals and Confidence

Sharee, after losing and regaining over 100 pounds due to life setbacks, found herself discouraged and unable to lose weight again with her old methods.

This program helped her not only reach her initial goal of comfortably wearing a favorite pair of jeans but also motivated her to run her first 10K and train for her first marathon!

Sharee’s story:

“My biggest fear was my own fear of failing or not being perfect with all my goals. Amie helped me to overcome my own mindset of needing things to be perfect.

She helped me challenge my own thinking and see the bigger picture and how perfect is not synonymous with progress. Things do not always have to be perfect in order to make progress toward your goals.

Amie helped me to see the bigger picture of my goals and ideal image, and to push through when I did not feel that I was doing enough and wanting to give up.

My favorite part was all the internal and mind-shift work. I went into this process expecting it to be very food and running focused.

While my own personal goals focused on these areas, Amie focused on helping me shift my mindset and to overcome my own internal dialog.

Amie was so supportive and helped me see the bigger picture. Yes I want to lose weight. Yes I want to reach my running goals. But it was more than that, Amie helped me see more areas for my health and wellness. I am excited to continue my goals with her.

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective from an expert to help us overcome barriers we may not be aware are present.

I thought the reason I was only able to stay on track with my food/workout goals for a few days, was because I lacked discipline. I had no idea that I was overtraining and not planning ahead enough with my meals.

I could stay on track during the week but when the weekend came I had no control and then would feel helpless come Monday. This was a cycle I continued for months.

Amie is worth every cent. If you are struggling to build better habits, reach your goals, and overcome personal barriers, I can not recommend her enough.

I fit into clothes I have not been able to wear for years. I am excited to continue my progress with her. ​

Kelli K. has had success with Running and Private Weight loss Coaching.
Kelli K.

Kelli decided it was her time, lost unwanted weight with this weight loss coaching program, and is training for a half marathon!

Kelli’s story:

Years ago, Kelli lost over 40 lbs but felt the methods were not sustainable and had gained the weight back. 

She felt the experience was frustrating but was ready to commit and move on.

She has gained confidence not only from her successes but also in the process.

She is training to run her first half marathon despite thinking she would never be able to run farther than three miles.

She says:

“I was mostly concerned that I would not be able to do running. I dreaded my first calibration run. Even though it wasn’t perfect, I did it and I found this to be a theme in working with Amie – there were many things I thought I couldn’t do, but when I actually tried and made the decision not to give up, I found I was able to do so much more than I realized.

In addition, Amie helped me realize that it wasn’t “all or nothing” – even if I did some of the runs, workouts, goals – I was making progress – it wasn’t about doing everything 100% right all the time. To be honest, if there hadn’t been some of these challenges and I had done everything 100% I wouldn’t have learned and really grown in the process and most likely, if something stood in my way in the future, I would be more inclined to just give up rather than feeling like I could persevere.

My favorite part of the coaching is that it was completely unique to me. Oftentimes, when you are doing a “program” there are a certain set of parameters that everyone follows. Those parameters don’t always work for everyone, for a variety of reasons. This very individualized approach focused on my unique strengths (and weaknesses) and allowed me to find what worked best for me, which then made the follow-through much easier. I have continued many of the weekly goals I established during the program and find myself continuing in the process by setting small, manageable weekly goals to continue the work we started.

Amie is amazing to work with! She meets you where you are (for me that was as a beginner) and even though she is a very accomplished runner, she makes you feel good about where you are at in the process. Amie provides the right balance between pushing you to be your best self but also understanding your limitations and keeping you grounded.”

Maurina P. testimonial with Running and Private Weight loss Coaching.
Maurina P.

Maurina used weight loss coaching to bounce back from a devastating experience to lose 50 lbs and rebuild her running, health, and life.  

Maurina’s story:

Maurina got her and her child away from an abusive partner and a divorce, but she had to start her life over entirely. She felt that her weight loss and running were empowering. She says:

“Amie is the best coach anyone could ask for. 

Amie helped me go from a “why would I EVER run if I wasn’t being chased?!?!” to a half-marathoner (multiple times!!). I lost over 50 lbs. and became a healthier person because of the knowledge and support she gives. 

Amie supports, teaches, and encourages everyone – no judgment on your size, how much fat you carry, how slow you are, etc. She is excellent at meeting you where you are at, and helping you get to where you want to be. Worth every dollar. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Andrea J Testimonial for Running and Private weight loss coaching.
Andrea J.

Andrea used the weight loss coaching program after a knee injury, and she lost 35 lbs!

Andrea’s story:

Andrea used to live an athletic lifestyle with daily workouts until a knee injury derailed her. 

She not only gained weight but felt it brought down her mental health. 

She says:

“Before I started I was scared that Amie would encourage me to do workouts I don’t have time for. But she did not put pressure on me to work out every day.

She listened to me instead of just giving generic advice… She’s a good listener to tailor your program to your tastes and needs. I’ve lost 35 lbs so far!

My knee pain has also improved and I feel so much better. Thank you, I really needed this!”

Your Stride & Thrive Transformation extends beyond the scale

Our program empowers you to create a holistic, balanced life that fuels your running and overall well-being. Here’s what you can expect:

Build health habits that last – for you: Learn sustainable strategies for improved nutrition, stress management, and sleep to support your weight loss journey and running goals.

Unlock your full potential: Discover the confidence and self-motivation to achieve your running performance goals and conquer personal challenges.

Mind-body connection: Develop greater mind-body awareness to understand your inner strengths and overcome obstacles. This fosters mental resilience and a positive self-image that spills over into all aspects of your life.

Personalized guidance and support: We provide a whole-person-centered approach, tailoring strategies to your unique needs and goals. You’ll receive the motivation, accountability, and expert guidance needed to achieve lasting success.

Don’t wait to invest in yourself. Schedule your free transformation session today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!

Transform Your Running & Weight Loss: A New Approach for Women Runners 40+

Imagine shedding unwanted weight, running stronger than ever, and finally becoming the runner you aspire to be. The Stride & Thrive Program is designed for goal-driven women like you who crave structure and proven results. Women in our program have experienced a range of successes, from dropping a few pounds and gaining lasting healthy habits, to achieving significant weight loss of up to 30 pounds.

This isn’t just about the numbers on the scale. We focus on holistic weight loss, improving your overall health and wellness while simultaneously boosting your running performance.

“After gaining back weight I’d lost, I could not make progress on my own. I broke through my weight plateau in this program and am losing weight consistently again. I am moving toward my vision of who I want to be – I feel amazing, my sleep has improved, and running feels free. I can’t wait to run my best marathon!” – Amanda G., Stride & Thrive Graduate

Here’s what sets The Stride & Thrive Program apart:

  • Structured Approach: Forget guesswork. Our program provides a clear roadmap with defined steps, goal breakdown, and ongoing support.
  • Unique Personalized Coaching combining Running and Weight Loss: You’ll receive one-on-one coaching from a professional trained in holistic weight loss and running, ensuring you have the personalized support you need to succeed.
  • Focus on Sustainability: We don’t believe in quick fixes. Our program focuses on creating long-lasting habits that empower you to achieve lasting results.
  • Holistic Wellness: We address not just weight loss but also overall health and well-being, including sleep, stress management, and life balance.

The Program Structure:

  • Comprehensive In-Depth Analysis: You’ll complete an online analysis at your convenience to gain self-awareness and identify key areas for improvement.
  • Personalized Vision & Goal-Setting Session (60-90 minutes): We’ll delve into your analysis together and craft a clear vision of your ideal self – weight goals, running aspirations, and overall well-being. This vision becomes your roadmap to success.
  • Goal Breakdown and Action Plan: We’ll identify key areas that impact your weight loss and running goals, potentially including food, exercise, sleep, stress management, and life balance. 
  • We’ll then create achievable 12-week goals broken down into monthly targets and actionable weekly steps.
  • Weekly Check-ins and Adjustments: Staying accountable is crucial. We’ll have regular check-ins to track progress, discuss any challenges, and adjust your plan to ensure you stay motivated and on track.

Program Phases:

  • Phase 1: Weight-Loss Jumpstart (12 weeks): This core phase focuses on building actionable strategies to overcome your biggest struggles and achieve significant weight loss holistically.
  • Optional Phases 2-4 (Up to 1 year): These extended phases provide ongoing support, accountability, and guidance. You can tailor them to focus on maintaining your weight loss while transitioning to running goals or further weight loss combined with running performance improvement (e.g., half-marathon, marathon, or ultra-marathon training).

Personalized Coaching:

Throughout the program, you’ll receive one-on-one coaching from a professional trained in holistic weight loss and running. This ensures you have the personalized support you need to stay motivated and achieve your goals.

In this program, women have lost unwanted weight, even after failed attempts, and are running better than ever.

In your transformation session, we’ll build a program around your needs: 

  • Essential: Provides the core 12-week weight loss coaching program.
  • Guided: Adds ongoing personalized nutrition coaching.
  • Advanced: Includes ongoing run coaching tailored to your current running level.
  • Comprehensive: Offers the complete package of holistic weight loss coaching, nutrition coaching, and run coaching.

Schedule your transformation session today and join those who have transformed into strong, fit, and confident runners. 


Stride & Thrive Weight Loss Coaching Program
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Unlock Your Running Transformation: What to Expect in Your Free Session

Your free transformation session is your first step towards becoming the strong, confident runner you aspire to be. During this 15-20 minute call, we’ll delve into your unique story – your running goals, current challenges, and what’s holding you back.

Here’s what you can expect to gain:

  • Clarity & Focus: We’ll work together to identify your exact running goals, motivations, and any roadblocks keeping you from achieving them.
  • Holistic Insights: You’ll receive insightful questions, based on my holistic training, that may expose new perspectives and hidden potential to overcome your obstacles.
  • Personalized Action Plan: We’ll discuss the best strategies to move forward with your running transformation journey. You’ll leave with clear steps tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Expert Feedback: I’ll provide professional feedback on your current path and outline a personalized approach I’d use to help you achieve results, even if we don’t work together directly.
  • Valuable Takeaways: Whether or not we become a coaching team, you’ll receive a post-session summary outlining your key insights and next steps – a valuable resource to keep you focused and motivated on your journey.

Walk away from this session feeling empowered with a clearer vision, actionable steps, and increased confidence to tackle your running goals head-on!

Ready to unlock your potential? Schedule your free transformation session today!

The Stride & Thrive Program is different because it considers both your running and weight loss goals with a holistic approach so you can achieve lasting weight loss and improve your running performance. Here’s how it empowers you:

1. Free Consultation: Get Clarity & Motivation

  • Schedule a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your goals and challenges.
  • Gain clarity on your personalized roadmap to success.
  • Feel motivated and confident with a clear plan in sight.

2. Baseline Evaluation: Discover Your “Why” & Potential Roadblocks

  • Take an online baseline evaluation at your convenience.
  • Uncover your personal “why” behind weight loss goals.
  • Identify potential obstacles that might hinder your progress.

3. Personalized Plan & Vision Mapping

  • Collaborate with your coach to create a personalized action plan.
  • Get a motivating written description visualizing you achieving your goals.
  • Set clear, achievable milestones to keep you on track.

4. Weekly Coaching & Accountability

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions via phone call or video conference for flexibility.
  • Work with your coach to set goals, develop strategies, and track progress.
  • Gain accountability and support to overcome challenges and stay motivated.

By the end of the program, you’ll:

  • Achieve your weight loss goals and feel confident.
  • Run stronger and experience a surge of energy in your daily life.
  • Develop a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that supports your running goals.
  • Move from feeling demotivated to energized and empowered!

Ready to take the first step towards weight loss success and running transformation? Schedule your free transformation session today!

You can customize the Program to your needs so you can meet your individual goals.

Rather than a short-term fix, the Stride and Thrive Weight Loss Program helps you lose and sustain weight loss for the long run so that you can reach your overall goals in running – and life. 

Phase 1 is a 12-week jump-start in which you’ll build actionable strategies to help you avoid your biggest struggles and lose weight holistically. 

If you also choose to get run coaching, your workouts in this phase will be weight loss focused. 

While participants lose weight in the first 12 weeks, weight loss is often a marathon, not a sprint. 

The subsequent phases gradually help you lose more weight if needed, train for your goal, AND continue solidifying your new lifestyle, so it sticks. 

Phases 2, 3, and 4 optionally build up to 1-year support, accountability, and guidance to help you with more significant weight-loss goals or to maintain your loss and get conditioned and trained for a half-, full-, or ultra-marathon.

In your free transformation session, you’ll get goal clarification and learn the best options for reaching it based on your needs.

This program will discover the strategies that work for you, personally, to lose weight. 

Once you unlock your personalized code of what works for you, you can continue to lose any amount of weight that gets you to your ideal weight, size, or personal target. 

By the end of the program, you will have your strategy mapped out, which saves you money as you are not paying for a program or special foods you are reliant on for the rest of your life. 

Although no weight loss program can guarantee results, the Stride and Thrive Weight Loss Program works for those who work The Program… During the initial 12-week program phase, clients have lost that stubborn last 5-10 lbs up to 40 lbs and have continued to lose weight with their customized strategies throughout the program and beyond.

Clients entering the program usually have 30-40+ pounds to lose and are ready to commit to becoming the person they want to be. 

This program is specifically designed for those who like to run and works for returning or novice runners.

Current runners have successfully used the program – if done outside formal marathon training – not in the middle of heavy race training. 

For a number of reasons we can discuss, while running is fine, I don’t recommend you to be in the middle of race training when you try to start to lose weight simultaneously.

Many newer or returning runners find this program helps them lose weight, stick to their running programs, and find motivational strategies to maintain their running and nutritional habits.

Existing long-distance runners have found this program has worked to get weight loss when nothing else has. 

In addition to weight loss and improved running – it benefits your health! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want better health? 

In reality, the longer you’re in the program, the more it’s like two programs in one because your race training and weight loss are two different parts of the program.

So you don’t need to do anything extreme to lose weight – that wouldn’t be sustainable, and it would not be a lifelong method if that were the case. 

In fact, we work on strategies to maintain your weight loss during race training.

The goal is to see running as a healthy exercise that brings you joy for life at whatever level you continue to run.

Yes, but we are all individuals, so your progress will depend on how much weight you want to lose, how you respond to training, and how much you put into it. 

This is a holistic program, which means it is more than just running or going on a diet. 

The best runners can put forth the effort to get enough sleep, keep stress at reasonable levels, and have the desire to live a healthier life. 

This isn’t to say you must be perfect at it or do it all from day 1.

One thing is for sure – you know you won’t be there if you don’t decide to move forward

Weight Loss and a race takes a serious commitment – but if you are seriously motivated to make your goal – I’m here to help you do it! 

Running Frequency: The Stride & Thrive Program is designed to complement your running routine, not overwhelm it. You won’t need to run every day. Even if you’re taking a break from running due to injury or preference, you can still focus on weight loss strategies and improve your overall well-being.

Workout Complexity: If you choose to add personalized run coaching alongside weight loss coaching, the workouts will be simple and adaptable to your equipment and fitness level. We focus on effectiveness, not complexity.

Focus on Your Goals: This program is ideal for women who want to improve their weight loss journey while also boosting their running performance. If running isn’t your focus, we might recommend a different program that better suits your goals.

We do not sell or push supplements, shakes, pills, or fad diets. 

We’ve all seen others call themselves coaches because they sell supplements.

And, I’d be suspicious of anyone who tried those methods. 

Just because those supplements or that extreme diet plan may (or may not!) have worked for them does not mean it will work for you and may even be dangerous. 

Some supplements also do not work well for running because many have dangerous cardiovascular side effects that do not work well with exercise.

If a supplement or diet plan worked for everybody, everyone would have bought it by now.

Instead, in The Stride and Thrive Weight Loss Program you get to work with a Nationally Certified, experienced professional coach to discover the blueprint of what works for YOU, your running, and your lifestyle. 

A saying coined by endurance athlete and women’s health researcher Dr. Stacey Sims says, “Women are not small men.” 

Women can have very different needs and weight loss strategies than a man. Our hormone systems, metabolisms, and response to exercise are not the same.

This is why fad diets can also be more dangerous for women. Many of the studies on weight loss and endurance – have been done on men in their 20s! 

So if a man tries to fit you into a program that worked for him or generically brings up studies that say a specific diet or way of working out should work for you – I’d take that with a grain of salt. 

We’ve all seen the guys who cut creamer from their coffee or similar and lost weight and didn’t get why it didn’t work for us.

Or maybe you’ve felt the pull of emotional eating, or have gotten to certain times of the month (or your life) where going running feels like you’ve hit a brick wall, and they can’t understand… and let’s be honest, who wants to explain things like that to a male coach anyway.

I specialize in helping women lose weight and excel at running not only because I have been there – but because, through experience, I know that you need that type of specialization to get actual results.

I encourage you to try it on your own if you haven’t – you may succeed! 

However, I’m guessing that you may have already tried it yourself, or you wouldn’t be here right now.

Many also think they know what they need to do. But if that worked for you, let’s be honest, it would be working right now. 

Things won’t change until you make your life and your health a priority and take the first step to change them.

Set up your free consultation today, and let’s move forward.  

Although this program is based on research and is backed by success, weight loss can be viewed as a marathon, not a sprint.

So weight loss and running goals can be similarly challenging, but that’s why you’ll have help along the way. 

Sometimes you may backtrack, but it’s not about being perfect, and you won’t be expected to be. 

It’s about what gets you results in the long-term and works with your life so you avoid the crash diet mentality or having to continually start over with running, so you can instead get strategies that stick.

We understand that life can get busy, and unexpected events can sometimes come up. The Stride & Thrive Program requires a commitment to your goals, and it’s important to be realistic about your current capacity.

There is no perfect time – change happens when you prioritize yourself and take action because taking care of yourself forms the foundation for anything else in your life.

Here are some things to consider:

Prioritization: Is getting healthy and achieving your running goals a top priority for you right now? This program is designed for individuals who are ready to invest in themselves and take action.

Time Commitment: While the program is flexible and doesn’t require a huge time investment, it does involve consistent effort. Consider your current schedule and if you can realistically dedicate time and energy to your reaching your goals.

Openness to Solutions: If timing or budget is a concern, we can discuss alternative options during your free consultation. We might be able to tailor a plan that fits your specific needs and timeframe.

The key takeaway: This program is for individuals who are serious about transforming their health and running performance. If you’re unsure about your current commitment level, the free consultation can be a valuable tool to help you assess your readiness and explore potential solutions.

Ready to run faster, feel stronger, and reach your weight loss goals?

Reserve your free Transformation Session today and discover how our personalized program can help you achieve sustainable results while enjoying the sport you love.

You’ll get a reply within 48 hours – please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive it.

Achieve sustainable weight loss and feel faster, stronger, and more energized on your runs. Schedule your free Transformation Session to get started.