Ultrarunning Coaching

If you want to run a strong ultramarathon, coaching using The Holistic Training System helps you avoid incorrect training, injuries and DNF's and enables your best training and ultimate performance.

Amie running in the Black Canyon 100K (~63 mile) Ultramarathon through the mountains of the Sonoran Desert.
Hi, I'm Coach Amie... and this is me running in the early morning in the Black Canyon 100K (~63 miles) Ultra, with about 16,000 feet (~2,800 m) of elevation change through the mountains of the Sonoran Desert. By the afternoon of the race, it became unusually hot, with temps soaring above 100F in the canyon with no shade, causing a lot of the field to DNF. The Holistic Training System you'll get when training with my company, Running with Life, helped me reach the finish and qualify for Western States 100-miler with hours to spare. I am passionate about bringing out the great ultrarunner in you - not just finishing but getting you to your best physical and mental shape to finish with your best performance - and I've got 30-years of experience getting clients' success to back that up. Let's help you excel at your BIG goals.

Got Ultra Goals?

A note from Coach Amie: 

I specialize in helping runners who are approaching and over the age of 40, reach their ultrarunning goals by avoiding injuries and holistically enabling your best physical and mental conditioning. 

Your specific training needs to successfully go the distance without injury are different. 

Maybe you realize that you’re not 20-years-old anymore, and you’re wondering how you can accomplish your goal – because it’s HUGE. 

Soooo yeah, I’ve been running since Disco was a thing; and started my career in health and fitness in 1991. That not only gives me a lot of experience, but it also means that I understand the needs of distance runners as they get older. 

On top of that, Ultrarunning coaching requires specific knowledge that a general running coach can’t provide. As does coaching itself: you want to hire a professional who is trained and certified as a coach – not just a runner hanging a shingle.

Because there isn’t just one ultrarunning goal: For example, what is your goal? A 50-100K, a 100 to 1000-mile race, a Fastest Known Time (FKT), winning a Backyard Ultra, a 6-, 12-, or 24-hour race, or a virtual challenge? 

Where is your race – in the mountains, the desert, across Midwest roots and rocks, on another continent you’ve never visited? When is your race – Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter? (PS: Ask me about running in Antarctica or Siberia – yes YOU can!) 

Not only does Holistic Ultrarunning Coaching take into account the various factors that will influence how you need to optimally prepare and train, but also it considers how YOU fit into the equation – your strengths and weaknesses, not just as a runner, but also in your mindset, your lifestyle and more. 

Go Beyond Running: the average running coach will either not or only vaguely consider all of these variables. For HUGE goals, you’ll need someone with the training and skills to help you improve the factors that can make or break your success as an ultrarunner. 

Running with Life is different: in addition to optimizing your training, we optimize YOU to go the distance and perform. This is a core value. 

Holistic Run Coaching brings out your best ultrarunning through a combination of your best training, physical and mental fitness, and life.  

Read about master's runner Faithe setting PRs in multiple races:

I loved having the accountability to stick to the plan. I loved that Amie was able and willing to comment on efforts.... even if it was to say pull back a little. She is very communicative and feedback is helpful. I loved not having to think about planning my next step, especially long runs, which was great.

I had very different goals and was able to reach them. I PR’ed my 1/2, Full Marathon, and 24-hour races!

-Faithe A.

Faithe. A. running

You Need The Holistic Training System

The Holistic Training System is a complete distance run training system led by CEO and Head Coach Amie Dworecki. Coach Amie is a multi-certified marathon and ultrarunning coach, holistic wellness coach, personal trainer and former yoga instructor who has helped hundreds of clients over the past 30+ years to success. 

Coach Amie is also an accomplished ultrarunner who has run and coached others for varying terrain and elevation across all seven continents of the globe with expertise in helping you realize your best running and life. 

Whether your goal is to run your first ultramarathon, or improve upon your previous performances, with The Holistic Training System you get the ability to work one-on-one with a pro coach and use a new holistic, progressive training model along with the education, accountability and support to transform yourself into the athlete you envision. 

It’s designed to gradually challenge you to perform at your highest level, so you get a thorough program that considers you, your running and your life holistically to help you reach your personal goals.

Coaching is available online/remotely, so you’ll have access to your coach and your training calendar and plan anywhere, anytime. 

How Does The Holistic Training System Work?

The Holistic Training System is a proven method that comprehensively month-by-month helps you with distance running success and truly, living your best life. 

It’s time to go beyond only looking at your running. This method analyzes all the aspects that you need to improve your running performance. 

It breaks down your journey into components: 

  • Your optimized training.
  • Your top mental strength and strategies.
  • Your positive mind-body connection.
  • Your best physical condition.
  • Your elevated lifestyle that supports your running performance

You’ll start with your distance running analysis and testing so you get to know exactly where you stand. You’ll get a full report of your results with an actionable plan of how you can improve

As well, you’ll get a holistically focused questionnaire so we can see a total picture of what may be influencing your running: including things like your sleep, stress levels, nutrition, outside influences, and mindset

From your testing and analysis, you get customized training segments, holistic strategies, and the ongoing plan, support, and accountability you need to make progress. The system includes a total focus on your blueprint of needs, so you get resultsYou get workouts, strategies, and feedback from an experienced, certified distance running and holistic wellness coach, so you know exactly what to do to improve. 

You also get a private online workout calendar so you save time and effort by already knowing what you will do and having it planned out for you in advance. Your workouts are available online or conveniently by mobile app, plus, emailed to you daily if you choose

You get your questions answered so there is no confusion. You get schedule adjustments based on data, experience, AND your feedback, and a program founded in holistic health, so you avoid injury and overtraining

You get information on your best fueling to perform so you feel great. You’ll find options customized to your needs incorporating strength, core, and yoga so you get balance in your training. 

You’ll also get form drills so you can run faster with more ease, stretching/flexibility plans so you can avoid injury, and warm-up and cool down properly

You’ll use mental focus techniques and a mind-body viewpoint so you can train and run at your best, and more…

Is The Holistic Training System Right For Me?

Maybe you’re plagued with aches, pains, and injuries that block your progress…

You picture the type of runner you have inside, but you don’t know how to reach that level of performance…

You want to improve your running, but it’s not happening…

Or you may try to sift through various conflicting information on how to reach your big goal, but you don’t even know where to start. 

Maybe you’re burned out and need a jump start with something new. 

You may have been out of running for a while and want to transform yourself to reach a huge new goal.

You want to get that exhilarating feeling of reaching your goal feeling strong. When you reach your running goals in the healthiest way possible, it is life-enhancing. 

This program specializes in existing or returning runners with an Ultramarathon goal with at least 4-6 months of running experience. 

If you are newer to running and not yet at this level, fill out the contact form below to learn about other programs that can help you.

Get your best running performance -and life- by remembering what's most important: YOU

Hey all – Coach Amie here… As both a pro distance running coach and a holistic health coach, I view training, and YOU, differently.

You’re more than just a set of numbers from a watch. 

With The Holistic Training System, you’ll get your best training, but you also get your best running when your body, mind, spirit, and life are in the picture.  

Don’t work with a coach who doesn’t understand you, doesn’t know how to meet you where you are, or treats you like a number. 

Because this all has to do with your running performance – and how well you feel in life. When you leave things out of the picture – it’s no wonder that 90+% of runners get injured, or feel burned out of running and frankly, are not happy.

Instead, get your best performance… and as a bonus – you begin to feel amazing outside of running too.

The Holistic System Gives You The Tools You Need

You can break through plateaus, avoid injury and transform your training, fitness, and total running performance. 

You get the motivation, encouragement, and accountability to make your running dreams a reality. 

You get the support and answers you need so you can perform your best.

You get solutions and guidance from 30+ years of experience helping clients reach their goals, multiple coaching certifications, and a belief in YOU. 

Do you want to run faster or farther than you ever have, break a longstanding personal PR, qualify for Boston or run your best ultra?

You’ll get an experienced push, or signal to pull back when needed.

Instead of a generic plan or one-sided coach, The Holistic Training System puts all of YOU toward your goal, so you maximize your time, money, effort, and life.

Tom went from a self-described, "Slow and Getting Slower", to fit and fully prepared for his Backyard Ultra at age 49.

Thank you very much for getting me here. You have been spot on with adapting/adjusting to me and my running/training style and I could not be here right now without you... the training adjustments and race advice definitely saved me from myself. You are a GREAT COACH!

-Tom E.

Ultrarunner Tom E.

You can get a standalone training plan designed for you, a single running analysis, or a monthly coaching package with custom options tailored to your ultimate performance.

You can train to run your best for a single event, continue to improve through a customized year-to-year training schedule created for your goals, wants, and needs. 

You don't have to train for months and miss your target or get injured.

Instead, get goal clarification and discover the best ways to reach your top goals.

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