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Your Online Running Coach for Trail and Ultra Running

A Holistic Running Coach experienced in Trail and Ultramarathon Coaching helps you avoid injuries, inadequate training, or mistakes so you can get your strongest finish.

Holistic Run Coaching can help you prevent injuries, overtraining, or dropping out even before you reach the start line.

That’s why I started my coaching company – to help you get what you need to overcome your specific challenges and be prepared and confident at your epic events so that you can finish life-changing races and feel accomplished.  

I developed a Holistic Run Coaching Method that specializes in helping women or runners approaching masters level (age 40+) – who have needs that differ from mainstream coaching and training techniques – to prevent aches, slow recovery from workouts, and underwhelming results.

Set up a free strategy session, and let’s chat about how Holistic Run Coaching can help you train more effectively and feel terrific in reaching your goal. 

-Coach Amie

Trail and Ultramarathon Coaching improves your Trail and Ultrarunning

Benefits You Get with Holistic Run Coaching

Know Exactly What To Do

You can focus on a clear path to success with less stress so you can reach your biggest goals.

Injury Prevention

Get all the bases covered so you prevent excess fatigue, aches, pains, or injuries.

Train More Effectively

You can move forward with professional feedback and be prepared at the start

Finish Events Stronger

Knowing what to do holistically helps you improve your fitness in the ways that matter for performance.

Run and Feel Great

Holistic training emphasizes the things that make you both run and feel great.

This is me (Coach Amie) (without my dog Cody) in the Black Canyon Ultramarathon. I believe in making ultra-athletes as fit as they can be at the starting line with the right workouts at the right times.
This is me (Coach Amie) (without my dog Cody) in the Black Canyon Ultramarathon. I believe in making ultra-athletes as fit as they can be at the starting line with the right workouts at the right times.

Hi, I'm Coach Amie...

I’m Amie Dworecki – CEO and Head Running Coach for Running with Life.

After decades of working in coaching and training, I’d learned how to overcome struggles and holistically improve my running performance to conquer the challenges of training for a sub-4 hour 50K, qualifying for the Western States 100-mile ultramarathon, and landing on the podium in multiple ultras.

I started my coaching company with a mission to inspire runners to see a big goal and know that they could do that, too, and to help them feel great about their accomplishments.

What you get with a Holistic Running Coach:

What trail and ultrarunners say about working with a Holistic Running Coach:

Faithe Set multiple PRs in her 50's:

I loved having the accountability to stick to the plan. I loved that Amie was able and willing to comment on efforts.... even if it was to say pull back a little.
She is very communicative and feedback is helpful. I loved not having to think about planning my next step, especially long runs, which was great.

I had very different goals and was able to reach them.

I PR’ed my 1/2, Full Marathon, and 24-hour races!
Trail and Ultrarunner Faithe A. and her experience with Trail and Ultra Marathon Coaching
Faith A.

Bill surpassed what he ever thought was possible:

I'm extremely happy having Amie for my coach. I have progressed way more than I could ever have imagined! Trail running has been life-changing for me, and I'm looking forward in anticipation to what the future holds! You will be in excellent hands with Aimee! She has the experience, training, and knowledge to help you reach your goal/goals! I would definitely recommend!
Trail runner Bill B. and his experience with Trail Running Coaching
Bill B.

Tom went from a self-described "Slow and Getting Slower" to fit and fully prepared for his ultramarathons, becoming a Top Ten finisher and going on to strongly complete an ultrarunning Grand Slam at age 50:

Thank you very much for getting me here. You have been spot on with adapting/adjusting to me and my running/training style and I could not be here right now without you... the training adjustments and race advice definitely saved me from myself. You are a GREAT COACH!
Trail and Ultrarunner Tom E. and her experience with Trail and Ultrarunning Coaching with Running with Life
Tom E

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
about Holistic Run Coaching

Here’s precisely what you can expect when you set up a call:

After you sign up using the form below, you’ll get a reply to schedule a call within two business days. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive a response. 

  • Your call will last around 15-20 minutes. Sometimes it’s longer if we need to talk more in-depth about your situation. 
  • I’ll first get an overview of your story: your background, what you want to do, and what’s happening. 
  • I’ve trained in a Holistic approach, so you may get questions that you haven’t thought to ask yourself or haven’t heard from other coaches – so you can get new ideas about your situation.
  • You’ll get increased clarity on your exact goals, motivations, and struggles.
  • Then, you get the best strategies to move forward with your goals.
  • You’ll get professional feedback about your goal and the path I’d most likely take (as this is only based on our brief discussion) if I were your coach so that you can get results

I’ll also send an outline of your Goal Strategy Session, so you’ll have it summarized by a professional coach, which will be valuable to you so you can easily see what is happening.  

So whether we work together or not, you’ll walk away from this session with an improved mindset and more knowledge, so you can move forward with more confidence in resolving your struggles. 

Instead of an app, AI, or generic plan, this is actual, 1:1 coaching online.

You get training and feedback from a professional with experience helping marathon and ultra runners perform better, so you can improve your chances of reaching your top goals.

Coaching can be viewed as an art and science because we are all different individuals; therefore, generic apps or plans can’t maximize the chances of your success that you get when working with an experienced coach.

This is also why your risk of injury or over/undertraining increases when using generic information.

The other significant difference is that you get a Holistic Coaching Method that goes beyond just a running plan so that you can better reach your top potential. 

Because real coaches cannot handle unlimited clients, though, there tend to be limited roster slots available.

With online coaching, you can access your plans, training, and coach from anywhere via email, an app, phone, or Zoom, so you don’t have to go to a gym or any location to get in your training. 

Unlike some coaches in a specific location, I am okay if you need to do workouts at home/on a treadmill, pushing a stroller, repeating specific locations, or whatever you need to do to get things done. 

You have different options for the type of coaching you can get, depending on your needs holistically. 

It is an easy, step-by-step process to set everything up and start. 

Schedule a strategy session to learn more; let me know if you’ve not tried online coaching before – and I’ll give you a free 7-day trial to check it all out. 

I help runners of all levels who want to take on their epic marathon and ultramarathon challenges anywhere in the world.

I believe your result relies more holistically not only on your level but on your visionmindset, and consistency

“Hard work beats talent when talent don’t work hard.” -Tim Notke, basketball coach 

If you have a dream of running Boston but feel far from that goal, that’s fine; I’ve helped runners like you reach Boylston St. 

In fact, this was me after I came back from medical issues in which I had gained over 60 lbs and had to start over with running, but then lost it all to run faster than those who laughed at me when it happened. 

If your longest run has been 3.5 miles, but you envision yourself going 350 (like the Alaskan Iditarod footrace), that’s fine too – and you don’t want to go super fast for that anyway.

If you read that you can run on Mt. Kilimanjaro and now think it would be cool to do – I like your style. Let’s do it because I can help you.  

While it doesn’t happen overnight, people have done these things, and so can you. You need the correct map to get there, and I’m like your GPS for these types of big goals.

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”
― Lao Tzu