About Coach Amie

Amie Dworecki, B.S., M.A., is an RRCA-certified running coach, a Wellcoaches-trained Wellness Coach and an ACE-certified fitness instructor, as well as a former course instructor for the Indiana University School of Kinesiology/Exercise Science. A runner for over 27 years, her success in breaking three world records for running a marathon on each continent led her to become the second woman listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for such a feat. This included marathons that traversed Antarctica, Siberia, through the Andes Mountains in South America and the Sahara Desert. She has also competed in extreme events such as Pike’s Peak Marathon in Colorado, which runs to 14,100 feet and back, as well as raced locations such as Death Valley, California. She has completed and won ultra marathons from 50-100K and runs everywhere from the Great Wall of China to the Inca Trail in Peru to the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. More traditionally, she has qualified for the Boston Marathon multiple times, as well as the Western States 100 ultramarathon.

Amie also enjoys triathlons and other multi-sport events. She has completed the the Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon – 43-miles of biking, running, backcountry skiing and snowshoeing to 11,400 feet and back.  An avid Nordic Skier, she finished the most difficult ski marathon in North America, the Birkebeiner 54-KM cross country ski race. She has previously been a certified personal trainer, swim coach as well as a group exercise instructor for over 20 years. She also enjoys organic gardening, healthful cooking, rock climbing, kayaking, international travel and photography. She writes as a health journalist and technologist, exploring nutrition, positive psychology and mind/body science, as well encouraging others to succeed in running and life.

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