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Specializing in the Needs of Women Runners and Master's Athletes

Get a focused, holistic coaching approach that gives you the performance you want! Running with Life goes beyond. You get comprehensive, personalized training and a “well run” lifestyle. You are UNIQUE, so deserve more than a cookie-cutter plan. Limited spaces available.

Get Marathon and Ultra Training geared at sending you to the top – since YOUR BEST RUNNING gives you YOUR BEST LIFE!

  • Get the benefits of extensive, science-backed study combined with years of experience working with distance runners just like you.
  • You gain a comprehensive, life-based perspective with a mind-body approach that goes far beyond just a static training plan: your life events outside of running have a large impact on how well you are able to train, and also, disruptions such as over-training, poor recovery practices, or nutrition inadequate for training can reflect your ability to live your best life.
  • You get all the benefits and knowledge of this big picture view to obtain your individualized formula for your top running performance. 
  • Reach your goals intelligently and stay injury-free!

Get the benefits of a Holistic Health Coaching program that gives you a personalized strategy to reach YOUR GOALS. 

  • Overcome your obstacles, such as optimizing weight and/or nutrition issues, keeping up your routine, life imbalance, lack of mental focus, to truly enjoy your life to the fullest and more.
  • You get the guidance you need to be the person and athlete you know you can be! 
  • YOU are listened to and worked with – as a team – to guide you in in a goal-driven plan.
  • You get methods backed and proven through years of research. 
  • You finally get results from a short-term, easy to follow program that gives you long-term results.

About Coach Amie

Amie running in the Black Canyon 100K (~63 mile) Ultramarathon through the mountains of the Sonoran Desert.
Coach Amie running in the Black Canyon 100K (62 mile) Ultramarathon race, with about 16,000 feet (~2,800 m) of elevation change through the mountains of the Sonoran Desert.
Coach Amie specializes in helping clients get their Boston Qualification/BQ and then also be fully prepared to take on Heartbreak Hill...!
Coach Amie specializes in helping clients get their Boston Qualification/BQ and then also be fully prepared to take on Heartbreak Hill...!

Amie Dworecki, B.S., M.A., MBA, is one of the few running coaches in the country to have obtained both the RRCA’s Level 1 and highest Level 2 Training and Certification as a Certified Distance Running Coach, which provides advanced training in performance marathon running, coaching ultrarunners, optimal nutrition trends, injury prevention and much more. In addition, she is a certified USA Track and Field (USATF) running coach and a Wellcoaches-Trained Wellness Coach (soon Nationally Board Certified). She is also a former course instructor for the Indiana University School of Kinesiology/Exercise Science. 

A distance runner for over 30 years, Amie started her running and wellness coaching company five years ago with the mission to help distance runners reach their ultimate running performance and health goals, as well as improve their self-confidence and overall health to achieve their best life. She has also been a certified personal trainer, swim coach and group exercise instructor across the past 20 years.

Amie has coached countless distance runners to reach what they formerly considered just a dream or a “secret goal” that they never thought possible, including running injury-free to qualify for marathons majors such as the Boston Marathon, running 100-miles faster than they ever have or racing an Olympic Trials Qualifier. She also enjoys introducing more people into the sport, and has helped clients reach contributing wellness-coached goals such as losing 50+ pounds, increasing energy through helping to find which nutritional strategies that work for them, as well as finally developing life balance and mental strength for more inner peace. Will you be next?

Got BIG goals? You’re covered!

Got goals? Coach Amie gets that! Her athletic accomplishments include successfully breaking three world records for running a marathon on each continent, which led her to become the second woman listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for such a feat. This included marathons that ran through the snow- and ice-covered tracts of Antarctica, the distant expanse of Siberia, the Andes Mountains in South America, and the Sahara Desert in West Africa, all while traveling solo across the world.

Amie And her dog, Cody
Cody has run marathons and possibly more miles than most humans!

She has also competed in extreme events such as Pike’s Peak Marathon in Colorado, which runs to 14,100 feet and back, as well as raced locations such as Death Valley, California. She has placed in, won and broken course records in countless trail and road races in distances from 5K to the ultramarathon, despite the fact that only 20% of all ultra-distance runners are female. She runs everywhere from the Great Wall of China, to Mt. Kilimanjaro, to the Inca Trail in Peru, to the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. More traditionally, she has qualified for the Boston Marathon multiple times, as well as the Western States 100-mile ultramarathon.

A former triathlete, she has completed multiple traditional triathlons, as well as other multi-sport events such as the Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon, which covers 43 miles of biking, running, backcountry skiing and snowshoe-running to 11,400 feet and back.  As a Cross- and Backcountry Skier, she finished the most difficult ski marathon in North America, the Birkebeiner 54-KM Nordic ski race.

She also enjoys organic gardening, healthful cooking, rock climbing, kayaking, international travel and photography. She writes as a health journalist and technologist, exploring the intersection of nutrition, positive psychology, mind/body science and our environment into holistic health. She loves giving her clients the benefit of this depth of experience and knowledge through her coaching.

Your personal goal is BIG if it is important to you. Don’t wait for your dreams, go get them… “If you were waiting for a sign… this is it!”

Training Philosophy

Amie Running Sunburst
Coach Amie running the Sunburst Marathon as a long training run, finishing 6th. Another top-10 competitor later remarked, "Amie ran by me like she was going for a stroll through the park." This is the power of the Lydiard Method of Coaching.
For the runner who wants more details

Our run training philosophies are based heavily on principles founded by the legendary Arthur Lydiard, also know as, “The Father of Modern Distance Running.” Although each athlete varies as to the method that is effective for them, “Miles are king,” with each workout having a purpose. Gradually building to a higher volume approach works well for distance runners. Top performance must be looked at in a long-term, periodized approach.

Lydiard said, “Train, don’t strain.” In this way, speedwork is like a spice. Too much and it can overpower and ruin the flavor of the product. Too little, and the end result is bland, without much “kick”. The key is basing training upon researched principles, and then finding the amount that works for each athlete to maximize their performance.

We believe in putting complete and total focus into our client’s training and above all, health. This is not a luxury, it is a choice. 

With additional professional fitness training certifications, we also believe that runners do best taking care of the details outside of running such as strength work, drills and core, proper nutrition and overall wellness. Olympic marathon runner Meb Keflezighi also shares this belief, and feels that tending to these “details” is what allowed him to have continued success into his 40’s.

Above all, we believe that
everyone has a right to give themselves a healthy and fulfilling life. More than PR’s or winning races, we believe training is best when it is challenging but fun, and is prioritized into an overall lifestyle of health. It is optimized when the runner truly LOVES what they are doing. 

Our mission is to help our clients obtain their best running performance through optimized training and holistic health.

Run with Life… -Coach Amie

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  1. Hi my name is Scott and I am an extremely beginning runner..(literally just bought my first pair of shoes today)..I am.49 years old and it seemed right to maybe join a group of other runners….thanks for any advice

  2. Hello. I’m 50 years old looking to improve my health and fitness through running. I consider myself a beginner and would like to learn how to enjoy running.

    1. Hi Heath! We have beginner programs starting soon and people LOVE it! If you’re not local, my suggestion would be to start small. Try to run in bits at a time interspersed with walking. Over time you will get there!

  3. Hi

    I am 51 yr old male. Was a distance runner in the NCAA. Way back. Looking for a group to do weekend runs. I have been doing 3 miles. 8 to 9 min miles. Ashland89 @ aol. Com

  4. Hello
    I’m in my 50’s and have enjoyed walking on a regular basis but am wanting to see if I can take it to the next level and try running regularly. Any beginner tips?


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