The Mission: Your Best Marathon or Ultra, Holistically

Getting your best running holistically means you get everything considered so you can avoid injuries, make running easier and feel great while reaching your goals.

You get training optimized for you, blended with a focused, holistic health approach, so you get your best performance from all angles

Instead of just a static plan or a narrow approach – you get comprehensive, personalized attention from a certified, accomplished and experienced coach who listens and recognizes that you and your needs are UNIQUE. 

Get the running of your life and the fitness you desire. Limited spaces available. 

Specializing in the Needs of Women Runners plus Master's Athletes

Get Marathon Coaching or Ultrarunning Coaching geared at sending THE WHOLE YOU to the top – so you get YOUR BEST RUNNING and LIFE!

  • You get the benefits of extensive, science-backed study combined with years of experience working with distance runners, so there is no more guessing about how to improve.
  • You get all your workouts planned so you can save time, effort, and mental energy and correctly move forward to your goal.
  • You gain a comprehensive, life-based perspective with a holistic mind-body approach that goes far beyond just a static running plan, so you can stay healthy and improve your well-being alongside your running.
  • You get all the benefits and knowledge of this big picture view to obtain your individualized formula so you can reach your top running performance, reach your goals intelligently and stay injury-free!

Discover a program that helps you get lean and run a half-, full-, or ultra-marathon in the Lean + Fast Weight Loss Program.

It gives you your personalized strategy so you can lose weight by running. 

  • Everyone who has participated in this coaching program with coach Amie has lost weight, so you can finally burn fat and lose unwanted pounds.
  • Instead of being pushed to buy supplements or shakes that may be dangerous (especially to runners), you get a strategy-based approach so you can have lasting results. 
  • You get to work 1:1 with your coach, so you get the accountability you need to avoid fallbacks and overcome your obstacles.
  • Avoid short-term fads and get methods backed and proven through research so you can lose weight in a way that works for you. 
  • Instead of fading out in a group or app, you are listened to and supported in a step-wise, easy-to-follow goal-driven plan.
  • Rather than just another generic diet plan, your health is looked at holistically, so you also get lowered stress, an improved mindset, and personalized tactics, so you can run better as you reach your weight loss goal.  

Training Philosophy

"To Give Anything Less Than Your Best Is To Sacrifice The Gift." -Steve Prefontaine
I also have this quote on one of the many running T-shirts I have ...
For the runner who wants more details

My run training philosophy is based heavily on principles founded by the legendary running coach Arthur Lydiard, also known as “The Father of Modern Distance Running.” Although each athlete varies as to the method that is effective for them, Lydiard has said, 

“Miles make the champions.” 

Yet, each workout has a purpose. I have found that gradually building to a higher volume approach works well for distance runners. 

My athletes typically like to run a lot. 

You will get top performance with your training in a long-term, periodized approach.

Lydiard also said, “Train, don’t strain.” In this way, speedwork is like a spice. Too much can overpower and ruin the flavor of the product. Too little, and the result is bland, without much “kick.” The key is basing training upon researched principles and then finding the amount that works for each athlete to maximize their performance.

"Athletes need to enjoy their training. They don't enjoy going down to the track with a coach making them do repetitions until they're exhausted. From enjoyment comes the will to win."

Unlike many coaches, I will not push you through tons of overly hard workouts such that you are constantly fatigued, getting injured, and dragging through your days. I have a core value of health, so instead, I emphasize that you can train at your best, day after day, such that the goal is not just to make it successfully through today’s workout but also the next and the one after that. My runners constantly say they feel much more JOY in running, which is good because running is a feedback loop into LIFE.

You also cannot be at your best with someone cursorily glazing over your training, so I limit my client base, so you get complete and total focus into your training. 

Suppose you want to do “okay, ” have someone look at your running. But suppose you want to get your top performance. In that case, I believe you need a coach that will also holistically consider the condition of your mind, body, spirit, and lifestyle as an integrated system to make this happen. 

With my additional professional fitness training certifications, I also believe that runners do best taking care of the details outside of running, such as strength work, drills and core, proper nutrition, and overall wellness. Olympic marathon runner Meb Keflezighi also shares this belief and feels that tending to these “details” is what allowed him to have continued success into his 40s.

Above all, I believe you have
a right to live your dreams and have a healthy and fulfilling life. More than PRs or winning races, I think your training is best when it is challenging but fun and is prioritized for an overall healthy lifestyle. It is optimized when you, as the runner, genuinely love what you are doing. 

My mission is to help you obtain your best running performance through optimized training and holistic health for your best LIFE. That is YOU… RUNNING WITH LIFE!

Run with Life… -Coach Amie