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April 12, 2019

Want to Run a Fast Marathon? Pay a Top Athlete to Run It With You

Seriously competitive amateur runners are finding that sometimes the best motivation is a personal cheerleader with you every step of the way. Bloomberg / Naureen S Malik

The Boston Marathon

Runners come to the finish line of the 122nd Boston Marathon, where rain and high winds battered down for the duration. Monday April 16, 2018. Photographer: Ryan McBride/AFP/Getty Images

“The reality is that every pro runner has a coach, and a lot of pro runners have pacers. As an emerging runner, it made me feel like a real professional competitor, even though I’m real far from that. It was really cool.”

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July 4, 2018

What Runners Need to Know About Coffee

Can Coffee Increase your Performance and Health? MapMyRun Blog / Ashley Lauretta

Photo for Coffee, Running and Health Article

More and more, coffee and running go hand-in-hand in people’s minds. This is especially true as professional runners are dipping their toes into the world of artisan coffee. Recently, linden & true coffee came into the spotlight as it was formed by Desiree Linden, the female Boston Marathon winner, and her husband Ryan, as well as Ben and Sarah True… caffeine can be an integral part of your training — if you know how it affects your body and your training. 

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October 11, 2017

10 Things That Might Just encourage You to Train for an Ultra

Ultramarathons, races that are longer than the 26.2-mile marathon distance, continue to grow in popularity. Here are 10 aspects of ultrarunning that may encourage you to consider training for one as well! RPM / Amie Dworecki


“With the proper training, you can have a great experience for your first ultramarathon.”

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August 23, 2017

When the trail becomes our doctor

Coaching, camaraderie move us past setbacks – They signed up with trail coach Amie Dworecki. They became healthier as they ran over dirt, stones and roots. But, Katie says, “You just feel like you’re hanging out with friends.”  South Bend Tribune / Joe Dits

Lori Richner, wearing the cap, hugs her daughter, Baillie, after Lori finished her first-ever 5K race Saturday in the Running Wild event at St. Patrick’s County Park in South Bend. Coach Amie Dworecki, who’d also run the 5K, records the moment. Tribune Photo/JOSEPH DITS

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August 16, 2017

Running group helps first-timers and people getting back into exercise by training on new terrain

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) –  Trail running is a type of running that continues to grow in popularity. Here’s one local group that’s training newbies and people getting back into exercise to meet their fitness goals. WNDU-TV / Jen Cardone

Running with Life, LLC, Trail Running Feature

Forget the concrete and blacktop races you typically think of. Trail running is especially good for people who are worried about the impact on their joints or body.

Watch the WNDU News Segment on Running with Life, LLC’s innovative new way to appreciate nature and get into shape!

May 31, 2017

Trail Running 101

Amie Dworecki is starting a class and club to teach you how to run on dirt trails, leaning on her experience of running a marathon on every continent, including in Antarctica, Siberia, the Andes and the Sahara. South Bend Tribune / Joe Dits

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August/September 2017 

A Legend Among Us

A few things to know about South Bend native Amie Dworecki:

  • Runs up to 128 miles a week, give or take a few;
  • Earned three world records for running a marathon on
    every continent;
  • Is a multi-time Boston Marathon and Western States
    100 Mile Endurance Run qualifier;
  • Has some outrageous adventure races to tell about…
    RPM / Jan Spalding

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January 19, 2016

2016 Hellcat 50K

The overall winner, not to mention 1st female, was Amie Dworecki from South Bend, Indiana, who blistered the course in 4:13:44. ULTRARUNNING Magazine / Guest Author

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August 16, 2003

International Marathoner Reaches Her Goal

A Bloomington woman who has been traveling and running marathons around the world since she gave up a high-paying job at Intel in California set three world records recently.

Thirty-year-old Amie Dworecki became the youngest person to run a marathon on all seven continents. She completed the seven-continent, seven-marathon run in a record cumulative time of 34 hours, 24 minutes and 29 seconds. And she set the world record for the fastest completion of the feat for a woman — at 523 days.

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