Do You Want to Be the Best Distance Runner You Can Be?

Amie running in the Black Canyon 100K (~63 mile) Ultramarathon through the mountains of the Sonoran Desert.
CEO / Holistic Running Coach Amie Dworecki, Bsc, MA, MBA, running in the Black Canyon 100K (62 mile) Ultra, with about 16,000 feet (~2,800 m) of elevation change through the mountains of the Sonoran Desert.

Hi, I'm Amie Dworecki

CEO/Head Coach of Running with Life, LLC, a boutique coaching company that combines a unique skillset of customized, pro distance run training with foundational wellness to help marathon and ultra runners reach their top goals by avoiding injuries and improving their running – holistically. I work with you to transform your training, as well as… you.

With this method, you get your best running – faster, farther while avoiding injuries – as well as uplift your entire life and wellbeing. 

In this way you get your true top performance and feel amazing with your training, mind, body and spirit all working FOR your goals, unlike other coaches who are only able to focus on just your run. 

My passion about this method of performance elevation led to my creating a company that I’m proud to say has helped many marathon and ultra runners reach their top goals.

Long ago, I first followed my Dad “jogging” when I was 5.  And as distances grew longer, I wanted to find out how to go from being the average runner to a top performer. So I studied training methods for years until I discovered the blueprint. 

And that’s how I learned that running at your personal top takes more than just going running or mindlessly following someone’s running plan. 

It relates to training that is customized to your needs, a focus that strengthens your mind, body and spirit, as well as an intentional way of living. Yes, it is more than just tuning out the days of your life. But instead, loving your run experience and using this method brings so much success – freedom – and joy. 

When not only your run training – but all parts of YOU – are working together toward your goal, you are powered by optimal training, supercharged with a holistic health perspective.

If you put Life into your Running, you truly soar. That is why my company is called “Running with Life.”

My goal is to help you achieve this because running that way is not only successful, it’s euphoric and sublime. It’s a beautiful experience to live up to your true potential while being well.

And from this experience, which led to training in two fields of coaching, and then to my client’s results – my company’s mission was born:

To make you the best distance runner you can be. 

Coaching a limited number of clients allows me to use this specialized method and give you complete focus on optimizing your run training – as well as you, holistically. Contact me today to find out more, as well as currently available spots on my coaching roster and packages.


Certifications + Education + Training

CEO and Head Coach, Amie Dworecki, B.S., M.A., MBA, is one of the few in the country to have obtained both the RRCA’s Level I and highest Level II Certifications as a Certified Distance Running Coach. This provides advanced education in coaching performance marathon running for the sub-elite, technical training and plan development for ultrarunners, optimal nutrition trends, injury prevention and much more.

She is also certified as a distance running coach through USA Track & Field (USATF), the National Governing Body for track and field, long-distance running, and race walking in the United States. 

She has also learned to coach distance runners for foundational performance from Olympic athletes trained by Arthur Lydiard (also known as, “The Father of Modern Distance Running”,) at the Lydiard Foundation. 

She is also an Accredited Coach on the premium TrainingPeaks endurance platform.

Amie is certified through the U.S. Center for SafeSport to further a cause that is important to her – their nonprofit work helps free the sport community of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and misconduct. 

In addition, she spent the better part of a year training for her certification as a Wellcoaches Holistic Wellness Coach. This takes a positive, empathetic and motivational perspective of improving health holistically – in the context of your individual lifestyle, environment and needs. 

She is also a former course instructor for the Indiana University School of Kinesiology/Exercise Science. In their graduate program, she taught courses covering running endurance, strength and conditioning, health planning and fitness. 

Across her 30+ years of professional experience in getting client’s results in endurance performance, health and fitness, she’s also been a certified personal trainer, group fitness leader, hatha yoga instructor and swim coach.

Running Accomplishments (I understand your BIG goals!)

A runner for over 43 years, her success in breaking three world records for running a marathon on each continent led her to become the second woman listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for such a feat. 

This included marathons that traversed Antarctica, Siberia, through the Andes Mountains in South America and the Sahara Desert, all via independent travel. She often jokes, “I did it before it was cool.”

More traditionally, she has qualified for the Boston Marathon multiple times, as well as the Western States 100-mile ultramarathon.

She has placed in, won and broken course records in countless road, trail and mixed terrain races in distances from 5K to the ultramarathon, despite the fact that only 20% of all ultra-distance runners are female. 

She has also competed in extreme events such as Pike’s Peak Marathon in Colorado, which runs to 14,100 feet and back, as well as raced in locations such as Death Valley, California. 

She has run into the night over snow and ice in temperatures as low as -25 F. 

She runs everywhere from the Great Wall of China to the Inca Trail in Peru to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. 

In her off-season, Amie occasionally enjoys triathlons and other multi-sport events. She has completed the Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon, which covers 43 miles of biking, running, backcountry skiing and snowshoe-running to 11,400 feet and back.  As a Cross- and Backcountry Skier, she finished the most difficult ski marathon in North America, the Birkebeiner 54-KM Nordic ski race.

She also enjoys organic gardening, healthful cooking, rock climbing, kayaking, international travel and photography. She writes as a health journalist and technologist, exploring the intersection of nutrition, positive psychology and mind/body science on endurance and life performance. 

She loves giving her clients the benefit of this depth of experience and knowledge through her coaching, as well encouraging others to succeed in running and life.

Who I Work With

As a result of all this, I coach runners like you to reach goals they may never have thought realistically possible, such as:

  • Qualifying for Boston, or another World Marathon Major (one client is working on all of them).
  • Finishing an ultramarathon on top with your best performance.
  • Experience running a marathon feeling strong.
  • Breaking a longstanding PR.
  • Run an OTQ (let’s hope this is me this year).
  • Run a destination/challenge race in a different part of the country or world (yes you can totally do this).
  • Trail races, especially when you can’t train on the exact terrain/elevation the race.
  • Coming back from/avoiding injury so you can safely restart/continue running and finally reach your goal.

If your goal isn’t listed here, but it has to do with challenging yourself with distance running, try me… I might be game. 

These things don’t happen overnight… but helping you reach your goals is also “kind of what I do.”

There is a saying to watch who you surround yourself with, because you become like the five people you are around the most(!)

Before I even formally began coaching holistic health/weight loss, I helped a former roommate lose over 60 lbs through running and holistic changes. Then later I helped another to lose over 100 lbs. The former became a distance runner and the latter a fitness instructor.

Now with my professional training in holistic health and weight loss paired with my knowledge of runners, my 12-week program has since helped many others lose weight with running. You can read about Steph, who had trouble losing weight for ten years before working with me.

I am dedicated to helping you reach your biggest goals and become the runner you want to be.

I specialize in coaching distance runners because I love the challenge and joy it can bring to your life.

I’ll probably get a PhD, most likely in the effects of holistic health on endurance performance. My love of nature may lead to becoming a certified herbalist.

I didn’t start running 100+ miles per week after I was a Master’s runner… I like funny T-shirts… and you may see me out running with my dog Cody.  

And I’m one of those people that has a license plate frame that says, “I’d rather be running.”

Work with me… it might be your next grand adventure to your goal!

Amie Dworecki wearing one of the collection of funny T's I have, love them!
I love funny T-shirts... but you know you're a runner if you also feel this way sometimes... ha!
"Amie, I’ve grown leaps and bounds thanks to your coaching."
Marathon Runner Angela J.
Angela J.
Running Boston Qualifying times after years of trying