Specialized Coaching for Epic Marathons and Ultramarathons

Holistic Coaching gives you multi-dimensional guidance that helps you accomplish next-level running goals so you can feel amazing.

Injuries, training mistakes and not knowing what to do will move you farther from your goal.

You started chasing your big dream for a reason but may not have expected struggles or conflicting information on how to reach it.

But that’s why I developed the Holistic Coaching Method – to give runners like you specialized guidance that improves the training and lifestyle elements that you need to thrive and reach massive running goals.

Because you need an extra edge to conquer significant challenges – whether you want to qualify for Boston, complete a multi-day ultramarathon event, or race in Antarctica. 

Let’s prevent agonizing injuries, training uncertainty, or outmoded plans that don’t work for you and your life

You’ll holistically get all the essential elements covered, so you can focus on your improved performance toward your biggest running achievements feeling great. 

Coach Amie

Ultrarunning Coaching

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Who is Coach Amie?

Through her three World Records for running marathons on every continent, running epic challenges from the Sahara to Antarctica, and qualifying multiple times for the Boston Marathon, World Marathon Majors, and the Western States 100-mile ultramarathon, Amie has inspired hundreds of runners to affirm their sense of “I really could do this” and guided them to succeed with their own massive running goals. 

She uses 31 years of experience as a professional coach, trainer, and motivator to help everyday athletes bypass limiting beliefs and self-doubt, and instead get holistically trained and confident to reach their own epic goals so they can feel accomplished and empowered. 

Coach Amie specializes in helping clients get their Boston Qualification/BQ and then also be fully prepared to take on Heartbreak Hill...!

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31 years' experience gets results.


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I'll Help You Get Success, Like This!

"With the advice and help Amie gave me, I finally qualified for Boston after unsuccessfully trying for years on my own." ​
TP Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Tom P.

"Our strategies on fueling helped me solve the problems I was having in my races, FINALLY, as well as giving me more energy too!"
Sonja R.
"I am down 20 pounds and I am already generating PRs."
Steph A., Marathon Runner
Steph A.
"Hands down, my favorite part of the coaching is the one-on-one coaching. As we talk about my weekly goals, I gain insights that I haven't had on my own. You prompt me to think about ways to maximize my progress and encourage my growth."
Heidi R.
"I've lost 22 lbs!!"
Katie R.
"I have enjoyed and learned a lot about running... Thank you! You are a great coach."
JK Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Janet G.
"I just ran farther than I have since high school! ... I get LOTS of motivation...!"
LP Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Lizzie P.
"Best coach ever! ... one of the best moves I have made in a long time... At physical therapy they measured my strength and I've improved in all areas thanks to the exercises you gave me to do... I've also lost 12 lbs.... the best money I've ever spent - Thanks to your help and encouragement, I am back to being a runner. "
Dan D.
"I met Coach Amie at the marathon!! She actually ran 16-17 miles cheering everyone on at the course! Wow!"
SK Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Sri K.
"Anyone looking to take their runs to the next level, Amie is a great running coach!"
SR Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Shawn R.

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