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Holistic Run Coaching to help goal-driven distance runners avoid injuries, overtraining and burnout
and enable your best performance, health and life.

30-years Guiding Clients to their Top Performance, Conditioning and Optimal Holistic Health.

Select Your Running Goal and Discover How The Holistic System Helps You Improve:


Finish strong, PR, or qualify for a World Major Marathon like Boston? Get the Whole YOU working toward your goal.


Every Ultra, FKT or Trail Event is unique, as are you and your goal. Get your best direction to hit your target, holistically.

Weight Loss

Reach your weight loss and running goals by avoiding struggles, generic methods and short-term fixes.

Group Training

Find out about upcoming training groups or courses to learn how to run better.

Get Running Success, Like This!

"I cut 36-minutes off my marathon PR and qualified for Boston(!)"
Kelly B.
Kelly B.
"I broke my PR in the half-marathon, full marathon and 24-hour race!"
Faithe. A. running
Faithe A.
"With the advice and help Amie gave me, I finally qualified for Boston after unsuccessfully trying for years."
TP Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Tom P.

Meet Coach Amie

Coach Amie specializes in helping clients get their Boston Qualification/BQ and then also be fully prepared to take on Heartbreak Hill...!
CEO, Holistic Running Coach, Former World Record Holder and Accomplished Marathon and Ultrarunner Amie Dworecki, BSc, MA, MBA: I created this company to help you get your top distance running performance, health and life!
"Anyone looking to take their runs to the next level, Amie is a great running coach!"
SR Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Shawn R.
"I am down 20 pounds and I am already generating PRs."
Steph A., a Runner with Weight Loss Success!
Steph A.
"I've lost 22 lbs!!"
Katie R.
"Hands down, my favorite part of the coaching is the one-on-one coaching. As we talk about my weekly goals, I gain insights that I haven't had on my own. You prompt me to think about ways to maximize my progress and encourage my growth."
Heidi R.
"Amie is the real deal. Educated, inspiring, encouraging and able to articulate what you are thinking to help you organize and attain your goals... It has changed me exponentially in a very short time. I am feeling positive and ready to tackle the future. "
Faith F.
"Three of the best areas: always getting me to focus on my wins so that I stayed committed, giving me the tools to be proactive about the questions I have, coaching when needing and leading when needed. Amie is the type of support one needs to set and achieve life changing goals."
NA Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Nury A.
"Through our one on one coaching sessions I learned that moving forward did not necessarily mean that everything went according to the plan in detail. That moving forward meant sticking to the long term plan. That if the weekly goals don't go 100% the way I thought they should that adapting and being flexible can become the true strength in moving forward.

Amie is encouraging and insightful in helping to pick through what was missing or needed to make a goal go better by asking questions to help me find the answers instead of telling me what I should do. She looks for the positives in all the situations to better help guide to a solution; whether or not it was the intended one.

Our strategies on fueling helped me solve the problems I was having in my races, FINALLY, as well as giving me more energy too!"
Sonja R.
"I have enjoyed and learned a lot about running from this workshop and I'm so glad that I joined... Thank you! You are a great coach."
JK Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Janet G.
"I just ran farther than I have since high school! ... I get LOTS of motivation from this training group!"
LP Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Lizzie P.
"Love this group and everyone in it! Best group and coach ever! ... Joining this group was one of the best moves I have made in a long time... At physical therapy they measured my strength and I've improved in all areas thanks to the exercises you gave me to do... I've also lost 12 lbs. This training workshop was the best money I've ever spent - Thanks to your help and encouragement, I am back to being a runner. "
Dan D.
"I met Coach Amie at the marathon!! She actually ran 16-17 miles cheering everyone on at the course! Wow!"
SK Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Sri K.