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Ageless Performance: Break PRs, Boston Qualify, Achieve Dream Race Finishes & Crush Your Ultra with Proven Coaching

Holistic, Masters Running Coach Amie gives you optimal marathon training and ultramarathon training at 40+.
CEO, Accomplished Masters Marathon and Ultrarunning Coach Amie Dworecki, BSc, MA, MBA, specializes in leveling up performance and training in runners 40+.

Run Faster, Farther and Stronger at Any Age: Holistic Coaching for Marathon and Ultrarunners

You love running. You have ambitious goals. You want to run strong now and for life.

Women runners in their 30s, 40s and Beyond can achieve massive goals, but preventing injuries, recovering well, and training optimally require different methods than training at 20.

You need a coach who gets it. 

That’s where Running with Life comes in. We are the experts in helping goal-oriented women masters runners prevent injuries and subpar training and transform into the best they can be.

At Running with Life, we holistically optimize your training for success and longevity as a woman runner moving through life’s stage.

Here’s how we do it:


  • Train smarter, recover better, avoid injuries: You get personalized training plans with injury prevention strategies, and recovery techniques help you push your limits safely and effectively.
  • Go Beyond the Run: You’ll also benefit from nutrition guidance, mindset coaching, and sleep/recovery improvement techniques to optimize your overall well-being and running for ageless performance.
  • Achieve your Goals at Any Age: Whether it’s a marathon PR or a dream ultramarathon finish, you’ll get the support and guidance you need to succeed.

Based on over 33 years of experience, The Running with Life Method is your proven path to sustainable success and lifelong running.

Schedule your free strategy session today and discover how to run faster, farther and fitter by training smarter, not harder!

Learn how Holistic Personal Coaching helps Women Runners:

Holistic Personal Run Coaching can help you:

Minimize Injury Risk & Train Pain-Free

Train smarter to minimize injury risk and maximize your training time.

Crush Your Marathon Goals / Conquer Ultra Distances

Crush your marathon PRs, conquer ultramarathons, or simply enjoy running longer and stronger.

Fuel Lifelong Running & Optimize Recovery

Our holistic approach promotes overall well-being and helps you run strong for years to come.

Build Power & Endurance for Long Runs

Personalized plans help you reach your peak performance and run effortlessly.

Train Smart & Fit Running into Your Busy Life

Optimize your training plan to avoid overtraining and wasted effort, maximizing results even with a time-crunched schedule.

Transforming Your Running Performance for Life

Hi, I’m Coach Amie!

I became a coach after facing challenges you may have, like injuries, subpar training, and misleading advice that held me back from achieving my running goals. These experiences inspired me to develop the Holistic Run Coaching Method, designed to help you:

  • Run better: Achieve peak performance and prevent injuries through personalized training plans.
  • Gain top health and longevity: Optimize your well-being and enjoy a long running career.
  • Get in your best condition: Reach your full potential and run stronger than ever.

My journey:

  • Set three World Records for fastest marathons on all seven continents.
  • Overhauled my training and achieved the best shape of my life in my 40s.
  • Became a multiple-time Boston Marathon and Western States 100-mile qualifier.

Your potential:

With over three decades of coaching experience, I’ve helped clients achieve incredible results, including:

  • Podium finishes
  • Completing the Six-Star World Marathon Majors and the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning
  • Conquering destination races and personal challenge runs around the world

Let’s work together:

I’m passionate about helping you transform into the runner you envision and reach your epic goals with confidence and empowerment.

Head Masters Running Coach Amie Dworecki successfully trail running Pike's Peak Marathon in the Rocky Mountains to 14,100 feet and back at 40+. DO IT!
Head Masters Running Coach Amie Dworecki successfully trail running Pike's Peak Marathon in the Rocky Mountains to 14,100 feet and back at 40+. DO IT!

What runners experienced with a Holistic Running Coach:


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