The Performance Mindset Formula

6-Week Mindset Coaching Program

Remove the Mental Blocks Stopping You from Your Best Performance in Running and Life.

Have you heard the saying that, “Running is 90% Mental”? 

Yet runners focus so intently on just their running and leave out the most crucial muscle to train: the brain. 

Mindset coaching helps you reset your mindset so you get the best version of yourself.

It helps you turn your intention into action that moves you toward (rather than against) your goal. 

It gets you to climb out of the mental hole that traps you, and gets your best running and fitness. 

A Performance Mindset helps you take control of race anxiety and turn it around. 

When things get tough in a distance event (or even your life!), you’ll have your own personalized strategy of how to push through. 

You can stop taking things to extremes and ending up constantly overtrained or injured.

Be proud of what you accomplish – rather than feeling like an imposter.

It stops a perfectionistic, all-or-nothing mindset from having an imperfect workout or season make you feel like a failure.  

Stop accepting less than your best. 

The Performance Mindset Formula can help you set free your full potential for success in running and your life. 

"Three of the best areas: always getting me to focus on my wins so that I stayed committed, giving me the tools to be proactive about the questions I have, coaching when needing and leading when needed.

Amie is the type of support one needs to set and achieve life changing goals."
NA Testimonial for Running with Life, LLC
Nury A.
Marathon Runner

What Can You Gain from The Performance Mindset Formula 6-Week Program?

  • Build Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Increased Self-Awareness
  • Improved Accountability
  • Elevated Motivation
  • Realistic Goals  
  • Making Time to Train
  • Better Your Lifestyle
  • Develop Successful Habits
  • Using Visualization to Enhance Your Performance
  • Increased Mindfulness
  • Improvements that Also Enhance Your Life

Success is Created From the Inside Out.

Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts translate into your actions. 

This controls your level of success and even, your happiness, in your running and your life. 

Mindset Coaching gives you a distinct advantage in reaching your goals. That’s why it’s also used by Elite athletes who want to reach their peak performance.

Don’t wait to elevate your running and life – start now.

Amie is the real deal. Educated, inspiring, encouraging and able to articulate what you are thinking to help you organize and attain your goals... It has changed me exponentially in a very short time. I am feeling positive and ready to tackle the future. "
Faithe. A. testimonial
Faith F.
Marathon and Ultra Runner

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