I looked for an Inspiring Quote about Trail Running and Found This:

"Run Like You Have a Hot Chick in Front of You and a Creepy Woman Behind You."

I am lost for words. So while I look for something else, check this out:​

Where - When Are We Meeting ?

  • The In-Person Trail Running Sessions will meet at St. Patrick’s County Park, 50651 Laurel Road, South Bend, IN 46637 (this links to directions, or see the map below).
  • Depending on which option you chose, the in-person meetings are on Tuesday and/or Thursday, at 6 PM
  • We will meet at Pfiel Pavilion. Once you enter the park, you’ll see a large red barn. Park in the parking lot next to the red barn, and you will see the Pavilion. 
Pfiel Pavilion at St. Patrick's Park.
Pfiel Pavilion at St. Patrick's Park.

The Trails...

  • Trail Running Lesson #1: Always carry a trail map with you!
    • … Even if you think you know the way. At St. Pat’s there are around seven miles of trails. You’d be surprised when they start looping how similar they look. This is part of the reason we stay on the actual 5K route for a good part of the trail running program (we do venture off later on 😉 ). If you go trail running elsewhere, let’s say in the Rockies… which you’ll be able to do after this program – you can see where not having a map can get you into big trouble! 
  • Soooo… here’s a trail map of all the trails at St. Patrick’s Park. 
  • Just FYI, here’s a sub-map of the Running Wild 5K Course.  I’ll have some available with me to hand out. 

The Weather... Always The Weather

  • If (at the park) there is thunderstorm/lightening, tornado conditions, or damaging winds, that day will be cancelled.
  • I’ll make the weather call an hour before the session starts as I know some travel a distance for this program. If this happens, I’ll send out an email and update the online group.



Thank You!

Well, this isn't quite why I run (but it could be part of it!)
Well, this isn't *totally* why I run (but OK it could be part of it!). And it's better than the quote that left me speechless.

See you there! -Coach Amie

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