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Pro Tips: How to Train for a High-Octane Trail Race!

Are you making the most common mistakes runners make when they train for a trail race?

Find out on June 22, 6 PM, in a Run Clinic to learn How to Train for Your Best Trail Race… 

Plus get free trail snacks/fuel followed by a trail run or hike (I’ll personally lead the hike so no one feels left behind.) 

It’s on a Tuesday – (but it won’t be Taco Tuesday…. I know, that just killed your vibe, right??)

This event is perfect for YOU if: 

  • You’re training for or are interested in a new terrain/distance/elevation/ultra and you want to make sure you’re not making mistakes and are covering everything in your own training.
  • You had so-so results in your last trail race. 
  • You’ve not run a trail race before and are curious.
  • You’ve registered or are considering registering for the >Learn or Return to Trail Running Program< and you want to make sure I’m not (that) weird. 
  • You just want tacos. (PSYCH!) 

Hi, I’m Coach Amie, CEO of Running with Life, LLC, a Pro Run Coaching company helping runners who want distance performance, and I’m a specialist in marathon and ultra/trail running. I’ve helped literally hundreds of runners to racing success. 

So yeah, it’s SO ON. Or… maybe you’re just coming for the food, and to see if you can get lost on purpose on the trails. 

Say it isn’t so…

How to Train for a High-Octane Trail Race

Anywho… if you’re anywhere from a just-starting, intermediate or advanced runner, you’ll get:

  • Training tips, so you can be at your strongest on the trails on race day
  • Different types of workouts that will improve your fitness
  • Race strategies so you know how to pace yourself and run over various types of terrains and distances  
  • Q/A so you can get your own questions answered… (wow, feel like I’m about to be on Jeopardy.)

So just click the button below to secure your spot, and I’ll also send a reminder to you before the event so you don’t forget (check your SPAM folder!) 

Be there or be square…

"Thanks to your guidance I'm going into my next backyard ultra feeling more prepared than ever - with your help I feel I have what it takes to win."
Tom E.
Tom E.
Ultrarunning Coaching Client, Preparing to Run 200+ miles

What, what?? Taco jokes aren’t enough for you? (Ok, my Mom actually likes tacos and because I take care of her, I make them for her… and what wants to be antisocial?)

In a nutshell: as a Pro Distance Running Coach who specializes in Marathon, Trail and Ultrarunning, I privately coach endurance athletes worldwide who want to train for (among other things!) extreme trail races while avoiding injuries and getting their top performance.

Okay, I get that less than 20% of all ultra and trail runners are women… yikes. So then –

Amie Dworecki, B.Sc., M.A., MBA, CEO and Head Coach of Running with Life, LLC, is a Professional Distance Running Coach, Holistic Wellness Coach and Creator of the Holistic Method of Training.

A runner for over 43 years, her success in breaking three world records for running a marathon on each continent led her to become the second woman listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for such a feat.

She now coaches other runners to endure the varying conditions and terrain that she’s experienced running in places like Antarctica, Siberia, through the Andes Mountains in South America, up Kilimanjaro and the Sahara Desert. 

She’s also competed in extreme events such as Pike’s Peak Marathon in Colorado, which runs to 14,100 feet and back, as well as raced in locations such as Death Valley, California, and knows how to train for such races while here in the Midwest. 

Amie has qualified for World Marathon Majors including the Boston Marathon multiple times, and in ultras, the Western States 100-miler. She has placed in, won or broken the course record on trail, road and mixed terrain courses from the 5K to the ultramarathon.

Cool Beans? Nope? Alrighty then:

Coach Amie is one of the few running coaches in the country to have obtained both the RRCA’s Level 1 and highest Level 2 Training and Certification as a Certified Distance Running Coach. 

This provides advanced training in performance distance running, coaching ultrarunners, optimal nutrition trends, injury prevention and much more. 

In addition, she is a certified USA Track and Field (USATF) running coach, a Lydiard Foundation trained distance running coach, and a Wellcoaches-Trained Wellness Coach (soon Nationally Board Certified). 

She is also a former Master’s level course instructor for the Indiana University School of Kinesiology/Exercise Science teaching such topics as running endurance, strength and conditioning, health planning and fitness. 

Alongside being a full-time holistic distance running coach since 2015, she has 30-year’s of experience with fitness, health and proper exercise prescription, form and progression, including as a certified personal trainer, swim coach, hatha yoga teacher and group fitness instructor.

—– Is that enough? No? —-  Ok:

Yeah, maybe I should have named it something easier like “Turning You Into A Super Hard Core Endurance Machine.” 

Yeah no.

I started my holistic run coaching company in 2015 with the mission to help others reach their ultimate running performance goals, as well as improve their self-confidence and overall health to achieve their best life.

I enjoy helping runners to go from average performers to reaching what they formerly considered just a dream or a “secret goal” that they never thought possible, such as similarly qualifying for marathons majors such as Boston, running 100-mile races faster than they ever have, placing in races, breaking long-standing PR plateaus and racing an Olympic Trials Qualifier. 

Because RUNNING can change your LIFE 😉  

A volume-based coach, I enjoy helping my clients run more or farther than they ever thought they could – injury-free. I also enjoy helping people start their own journeys in the sport through group programs that also foster improved health, social connection and fun, by running multiple intro clinics into the sport.

I also coach clients to reach holistic performance-related transformational goals such as losing 50+ pounds, increasing energy through discovering nutritional strategies that work for them, personalized techniques to reduce stress, improve sleep, as well as finally gaining more life balance, mental strength and more inner peace.

… because it takes than just running! 

-Run with Life!

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Hi, I'm Coach Amie, a pro distance running and weight loss coach dedicated to helping you run better and be healthier! This is on the rim of Palo Duro Canyon, headed to run the trails - a vacation you could be taking someday...
Coach Amie Dworecki, on the rim of Palo Duro Canyon, headed to the trails. Home of the Palo Duro Ultra Races, Go there Someday!