Winter:Spring Trail Running Program

Winter Spring Trail Running
Spring Running

Discover how to keep your training consistent so you can improve your running using trails no matter what the weather brings

Did Covid lockdowns knock your fitness down? Are you sick of working from home, eating at home and staring at the same four walls when you also workout at home? Or maybe you run roads and want more options for your training, run trails and want to know how to have more effective workouts in the current season, or are a walker or hiker and want to add intensity to your current program…

… or maybe you are feeling too isolated and just need a push to get back out there!!!

Believe me, I get you! As a professional running coach, I hear it all the time! And so I created this workshop just for YOU! Find out the best ways to get into nature and safely make the trails your gym!

  1. You get:
  • – The knowledge and techniques to run trails safely and successfully RIGHT NOW to reboot your training or keep it consistent
  • – Insights on how to incorporate this season’s trail running into your own personal program to have better training and fitness
  • – Inspired with tips that will raise your motivation
  • – The proper fueling and hydration so you can perform at your best
  • – Interaction with others who love the outdoors so you can get rid of winter- and covid-isolation
  • – Methods to be more active outside so you can get the benefits of nature
  • – Better workouts that will boost your physical and mental health
  • – A group online session and a socially distanced outdoor run so you can have fun safely
  • – Your questions answered so you know what to do!
  • – Access to the following events:
    • Live group trail running info session including questions/answers, led by professional running coach, Amie Dworecki
      Monday, March 1, at 7 PM EST. Online, attend from anywhere! $10. You can join just the online group session, if you are not able/do not want to go to the in person trail run. You will also get the session notes afterward! You will get the joining information and link to the session after registering. You can also get a link to view the recorded session if you are unable to attend the live online event. 
  • +The benefits you get from trail training NOW
  • +Weather conditions to watch out for, and how to handle them
  • +Recommended gear, including shoes, clothing and traction
  • +Staying safe on the trails as winter transitions into spring
  • +Fueling and hydration strategies for the best training effect
  • +Integrating this type of training to enhance YOUR running and fitness
  • +How to stay motivated and consistent
  • +Plus, any specific questions you may have!
    • In-person Trail Run, Limited to the first 20 people to register for the workshop to enable social distancing.
      Saturday, March 6, at 10:30 AM EST. FreeThis optional, non-competitive run, brought to you in conjunction with St. Joseph County Parks, allows you to hit the trails with others in a safe way! From the information session, you will be prepared to get your workout on the trails in any weather, ask questions, and meet like-minded people so nothing can stop you! You will learn how to warm up properly plus exercises for stronger trail running. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace/level: any combination of running/walking/power walking/hiking. 30-45 minutes, you’ll also get a trail map and hot chocolate/tea.
      St Patrick’s County Park, 50651 Laurel Rd, South Bend, IN 46637.
** Just one spot left in the program, if it is full you will be notified when clicking the registration button below.
**Can’t attend the in-person run? Click here to see the virtual option!
Coach Amie Dworecki, running Pike's Peak Trail Marathon to 14,100 feet and back
Amie Dworecki, running Pike's Peak Trail Marathon to 14,100 feet and back

Learn from Professional Running + Wellness Coach, Amie Dworecki

Amie Dworecki, B.S., M.A., MBA, is one of the few running coaches in the country to have obtained both the RRCA’s Level 1 and highest Level 2 Training and Certification as a Certified Distance Running Coach, which provides advanced training in performance distance running, coaching ultrarunners, optimal nutrition trends, injury prevention and much more. In addition, she is a certified USA Track and Field (USATF) running coach and a Wellcoaches-Trained Wellness Coach (soon Nationally Board Certified). She is also a former course instructor for the Indiana University School of Kinesiology/Exercise Science. 

A distance runner for over 30 years, Amie started her running and wellness coaching company five years ago with the mission to help distance runners reach their ultimate running performance and health goals, as well as improve their self-confidence and overall health to achieve their best life. She has also been a certified personal trainer, swim coach and group exercise instructor across the past 20 years.

Amie has coached countless distance runners to reach what they formerly considered just a dream or a “secret goal” that they never thought possible, such as running more than they ever thought they could, injury-free, to qualify for marathons majors such as the Boston Marathon, running 100-mile races faster than they ever have, breaking long-standing PR plateaus and racing Olympic Trials Qualifiers. She also enjoys helping people start their own journeys in the sport, and has coached clients to reach their contributing wellness-centered goals such as losing 50+ pounds, increasing energy through discovering nutritional strategies that work for them, personalized techniques to reduce stress, improve sleep, as well as finally gaining more life balance, mental strength and more inner peace.

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Feel free to forward this event to anyone you think may be interested! Thank you for supporting small business and keep Running with Life!

Run More | Worry Less: Running, the Outdoors, Nature and Social Interaction have all been proven to have positive effects on physical and mental health. Therefore, I have worked to keep costs down for this event during this difficult time. If you would like to attend, but feel unable due to the financial affects of Covid-19, please contact Running with Life, LLC, to be added to the roster.